Help Xperia Play Wifi problems


Hi. I bought this phone not long ago and it arrived yesterday. Everything is working fine apart from one thing- Wifi. Everytime I want to connect on my Wifi it takes a long time and even after that it isn't working. It says "limited connectivity options" or something like that I'm sure you'll get the point. Normally when I have this problem on PC I just restart router and everything should work fine, but it doesn't work with this phone. No matter if I restart router, restart phone I even waited several hours, but still nothing happens. Today I discovered that I'm not the only one with this isssue, apperantly it happens on other devices from SE too.
Any help with this Wifi issue would be gladly appreciated, thanks.:)


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I moved your thread here so the other members with your device can help you out more:D

Edit: sometimes it will help to reset, not restart, the router. Perhaps try that:)