Xperia S vs One S vs ?


I searched, but I can't find such a thread, if there is one, please post a link and close this this one ;)

Ok, so I want to buy new phone. Now I'm using I9000 and I'm pretty happy with it. Also got I9100 but for almost two months is in service beacuse they don't wanna to replace greenish screen. So both are going to the market and I'm searching something new. I need phone for:
- normal phone stuff, calls, text
- web browsing, mail (important)
- sometimes play games (not important)
- photo, music

What I like in I9000:
- screen
- great sound on internal speaker
- size

What I hate in I9000:
- lack of camera LED
- sometimes laggy browser
- terrible chassis

What I like in I9100:

What I hate in I9100:
- greenish screen
- it's a little big, but I can live with it
- terrible sound
- chassis

So that's should clear what I want, of course I don't want something worse in any things mention above. I think about two models:

- One S - love design, I think in future will be great support
- Xperia S - fine design, but I think support will be weak

I love to change roms and play with device, so I think HTC is way to go, but I'm not sure... I also thought about One X, but it's too big, and slower in normal day using. Games aren't important to me, so I think I never use full power of Tegra. Speed in normal using is more important to me.

So that's all, thanks for any help :) I'm read and watch a lot, but still not sure about right choice...



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Keep in mind, the Xperia S has a non-user replaceable battery and has no microSD card slot. That might be a factor when you're tinkering. Another thing, the One S already comes with ICS, I believe. It might be a couple more months before the Xperia S gets official ICS. However, there's already work being done porting CM9 to the Xperia S.

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Thanks, but One S also has non replecable battery and no mircoSD ;)
For now I'm thinking about wait another month, One S is quite overpriced now (in Poland price the same like One X), and I think after premier of S3 there price will fall down.