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Xperia T - bat failure and now no operating system!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by FASTdan, Dec 11, 2013.

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    My Xperia T developed a microphone fault whereby nobody could hear me when I called them (incredibly faint). I had the phone repaired at a local repair shop. Almost immediately upon receiving the phone back it developed a (What appears to be very common) battery fault, whereby it would reach 80% then shut down, restart, shut down, restart.....

    So, before returning it to the shop for further repairs I attempted a repair using the sony software. Half way through this repair the phone shut down!!! PC lost communication and I was left with a phone that simply displayed the 'Sony' start-up logo.

    I have now returned to the shop and they have installed a new battery but are unable to get communication with the phone via the sony software (so basically they dont appear to be getting any further than me!). They say they are trying 'other software' but I have little confidence.

    Can anyone advise what can be done? I am reluctant to write this phone off - surely it can be flashed with a new operating system or whatever needs to be done to a 'dumb' android device?

    I have not enquired with Sony - I suspect a large upfront charge to even look at it and as much as I dont want to write the phone off I am not prepared to poor money into an old model.

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