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Xperia Z charging problem

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Tobiasz Smyrak, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Tobiasz Smyrak

    Thread Starter

    I recently plugged my Xperia Z to a charger. At 14% it suddenly stopped charging. I tried plugging it to different chargers, trying to hard reset, but no response. Is this even solvable at home?

    P.S: Sorry for my bad english

  2. ThePhizzle

    ThePhizzle Well-Known Member

    Try an external battery charger,I once owned a Sony expiria;It was the one with the controller slide,and it tend to do that from time to time,it wouldn't charge just blink the led light red when plugged in and nothing when not plugged in,all you have to do i take out the battery and charge it at least for a little bit on an external charger and when youlace it back in it should charge like it normally does,also I don't know about the expiria z but mine fixed itself sometimes when I hooked it up with a good USB chord to a PlayStation 3,I hope any of this helps,good luck!

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