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Xperia Z3V

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DirtyDee, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    you guys on verizion got sony hope you enjoy it

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  2. DavidNCali

    DavidNCali Newbie

    Yeah, but it doesn't look as sleek as the original z3... I'm getting the factory unlocked model D6603.. Can't wait.. I heard from numerous of people that this phone gets like 8 hours of on SCREEN.. That's incredible...
  3. photoeditor

    photoeditor Member

    Model D6603 would be perfect -- all the LTE bands both Verizon and AT&T currently use or will use in the near future -- but Verizon is still not activating phones without CDMA on their network. Perhaps another FCC intervention is needed. A device that Verizon's network can recognize should not be blocked. If the VoLTE feature isn't yet fully working, of course then the customer has to be prepared for that, and use VOIP or data only. But they shouldn't block it.
  4. halon

    halon hakuna matata

    That works on Verizon?
  5. question729

    question729 Android Enthusiast

    Are you going to be leaving Verizon to do this? If photoeditor is right, it probably won't work on the network. It would be nice if it did work. The size would be about perfect (still wish it could be smaller) and I prefer the design of the Z3c to the Z3v. I'm probably going to have to go with the Note 4 if nothing comes of this.
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Thread moved to the newly-created Xperia Z3V sub-forum.
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    The Z3v is more Z2 than Z3. Tomshardware got a confirmation the reason the display is dimmer on the Z3v is because the same panel on the Z2 and not the Z3. Ironic.
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  8. halon

    halon hakuna matata

    I was very interested in this phone but after seeing the Nexus on video I fell in love with it :)
  9. question729

    question729 Android Enthusiast

    The camera is also the same as the Z2's. I don't think I want this phone anymore. If they could get the compact in its non-basterdized form, that might be a consideration. Anyway, Z3v is $599.99 off contract if anyone is interested.
  10. pchain

    pchain Newbie

    Knowing all of this, I did play with one in the store today and I liked it a lot. Almost brought it home....
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  11. DavidNCali

    DavidNCali Newbie

    This phone is very underrated. I received mines today and first thing I noticed is the size.. Don't let the size fool you; this thing is very thin and feel very small even feel smaller than my original Z.. I was quite surprised, and I will be purchasing a case for it. Another thing I noticed is battery LIFE. It's actually very good for a very thin phone. The performance on my original z was already good but the z3 kicks it far to the curb. And another thing I noticed is the sound quality. When I was listening to music the sound already sounds beautiful but when I went on custom mode and tweak some settings it even sounded more amazing. I can't believe such an amazing sound quality can come out of this small device. I'm very satisfied with this phone.
  12. Hey man, how is the call quality..
  13. DavidNCali

    DavidNCali Newbie

    It sounds great overall.. I'm not really a call person, so I can't really speak on the call quality. However voice recorder sounds very clear. I got the factory unlocked version.
  14. Ok .. well I just watched some reviews saying call quality was sub par. just wondering.
  15. AnonGuy

    AnonGuy Android Enthusiast

    That may be the case, but the LCD screen on the Z3vis barely brighter than the Note 3's AMOLED screen (if it's brighter at all?) and the camera module/lens is from basically a last generation phone model (yes I know it isn't even a year old, but the same could be said about the G2 yet the G3 did upgrade those components... more than "not at all").

    $600 is a lot to pay for what has turned out to be literally the smallest hardware "upgrade" of 2014. It is like the Xperia ion all over again. A phone that should have been out 6 months ago is coming onto the market way too late. I don't expect it to do terribly well, especially since it's a pretty "advanced" device that doesn't hold you hand as much as some others (comparatively speaking).

    I was gonna get this phone next week, but after reading more about it I think I will wait for Verizon Nexus 6 and Droid Turbo releases/reviews before I even consider pulling out the plastic.

    I really am kind of pissed off about that, cause the Z3 is the most premium-looking and feeling Android phone out right now and that will be out for a good minute (yes, even moreso than HTC's phones, which aren't nearly as beautiful as Sony's hardware IMO).
  16. DavidNCali

    DavidNCali Newbie

    I have z3 D6603. At 100 percent brightness, this thing can be used as a flashlight. NO LIE. I came from the original z so overall, I'm very happy with the performance, size, display etc. The curve and its thin body really makes it feel like a small phone.. I wouldn't mind they making a slightly bigger phone for the next model. Honestly so far, I can't find one flaw with this phone.. right now I'm patiently waiting for the Z4.. I love their 6 month cycle.
  17. pchain

    pchain Newbie

    I've had my Z3v for a day and a half. This device has surpassed my expectation in every way and any disgruntled thoughts I had about it being Z2.5 has vanished. This is a solid device. My first full charge got me over 8.5 hours of screen time. The camera is so good and love the benefit of the dedicated camera key. The radio reception has been consistently better by 4 dBm than my Samsung's side by side. Call quality has been clear on my end as well as the other end. There is no lagging or glitching at all...totally smooth and efficient. I can't imagine any difference in real life usage would be gained by having the 805 vs the 801 processor. The screen is totally bright and clear.... too bright for my eyes if over 50% indoors and outdoors I had no trouble when I cranked it up. This is a winner, and unless you despise the slab form factor (I actually like it) there is no reason why anyone shouldn't consider this as their next device. Solid device in performance, hardware, and form.
  18. DavidNCali

    DavidNCali Newbie

    Yep, so far I experienced no lag. This phone exceeded my expectation. The cover ports are also very solid, and I can't see it wearing down anytime soon. I also purchased a magnetic adapter and a bugdroid case for it. Hopefully it arrives soon.. This phone is perfect for me in every way. Sony interface is so easy to maneuver... Can't really find anything wrong with the phone.. Camera is one of the best.. Great battery life... Sound is amazing.. Processor is up to par.. Sleek sexy phone.. Feel small in my hands (I have small hands).. I think it's one of the best phone in 2014..
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  19. droid747

    droid747 Member

    Obviously you are posting on the wrong forum as this is for the Verizon xperia Z3v which had the magnetic charging port removed.
  20. DavidNCali

    DavidNCali Newbie

    No.. The Verizon version is really good too.. It's a bit bigger, buts it's very solid.. My sister have one..
  21. daltekkie

    daltekkie Member

    Hasn't anyone else noticed that you cannot do voice and data simultaneously on this phone? I love this phone so far. I've had it for a week, but I just noticed today that as soon as I hit the dial button, the phone immediately switches to 1x and I get a notification that "data mobile data is not available". I just left the Verizon store where 2 of the reps told me it was because of the advanced calling feature (I don't even have the advanced calling feature on my account). Then the manager contradicted them saying that the Droid Turbo has the same problem and that his moto rep told him motorola is already working on a fix. However, he has no word on whether or not Sony will fix this that they believe it's a Verizon network issue. I find that hard to believe since only 2 phones out of their entire android lineup have this problem.

    Has anyone else noticed this issue or have any insight? Not having simultaneous voice and data is a deal breaker for me.

  22. It should be fixed by February. Read about it on xda-developers.com. Until the phone gets VOLTE it won't have data and voice simultaneously
  23. DavidNCali

    DavidNCali Newbie

    On Feburary Sony will come out with the z4..
  24. AnonGuy

    AnonGuy Android Enthusiast

    Says the people who don't know how VOLTE works.

    If person is:

    1. Not in LTE coverage,
    2. Not using a Phone with VOLTE
    3. Using a Phone on a different carrier
    4. Has VOLTE turned off (default is off)

    You won't have SV&D.

    Factor in all of those scenarios... It's no stand in for the lost capability - IMO.
  25. Fantastic response, very knowledgeable.

    Having had this phone for a few days, the reviews about the phone not being loud enough when in calls is not accurate in my opinion. I have had lots of calls and it's plenty loud.

    The wireless Charging continues to be awesome. Battery is satisfactory. I like the phone and am glad Sony has broken through big red.

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