Dec 1, 2013
Now that we have stable root and getting to stable recovery on both major version of the phone ....

Has anyone tried playing around with Xposed modules to maybe fix some of the UI annoyances with the LG theme?

I have never run Xposed (coming from Captivate, I ran CM and just left it at that), but I am intrigued, if a little worried.

Xposed framework: [FRAMEWORK ONLY!] Xposed - ROM modding without modifying APKs (2.4.1)(02.12.2013) - xda-developers

Repository of modules: [INDEX][XPOSED][12/09] Collection of XPOSED Modules | Post Modules' request here! - xda-developers
I've used modaco and xblast xposed.

I tried the Tinted Status bar ...
[MOD][Xposed] Tinted Status Bar [BETA 6.1] - xda-developers

So far no dice. Changed the color of the icons, but the background kept being returned to the LG stock (I could see flashes of the modified look, only to be overridden with the default grey)

I mostly want UI tweaks: different notification pull down, if I could get a transparent status bar, stock lock screen etc.

little tweaks. Will keep trying.
yeah ive tried other apps to change the menu bar color but they stick for 15 seconds after reboot and then the stock menu bar comes back...

right now im using gravitybox and greenify.. Until we can get a custom rom we wont be able to do major changes...
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