Root XT1952-T does not show "bad key" or "N/A"


To be more specific, I have the T-Mobile REVVLRY, which is just a rebranded G7 Play. I am aware that the "bad key" and "N/A" text appearing after a phone restart/power on is normal (with a unlocked bootloader of course). Though, this is not the case for me.

What happens instead is this string of text with numbers and letters. This happens while using the Magisk route of rooting, right after flashing the "magisk.patched" file. The phone is then soft bricked unfortunately (Lenovo's LMSA tool works perfectly to restore the phone though, so not much harm done). Everything I used is up to date, ADB, drivers, the factory img and Magisk.

Has anyone ever come across this? Very curious on why it happens and what it even means.


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