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xtrROM 4.6 battery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by emer, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. emer

    emer Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone else have really bad battery life on xtrROM 4.6? I have window animations turned off, have brightness down to like 35% and my battery life is still really bad.

    Also on a maybe related note, I only have like 40 MB of internal storage available and I only have like 15 or so apps.

    I haven't enabled any of the gscripts yet either.

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  2. jhewit22

    jhewit22 Well-Known Member

    Having the same issue with the battery life...but it wasn't any better before either...it just SUCKS on the Eris.
  3. kobel1up

    kobel1up Android Enthusiast

    You guys can try to wipe your battery stats. I do that before I flash a rom, it helps to calibrate the battery to the rom. I get about 20 hrs with heavy use.
  4. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    I've noticed the same with xtrROM compared with the Froyo builds, and I've noticed the same in the last couple of days with xtrSENSE. This morning I noticed that, for some reason, my brightness was set to 100% rather than automatic, as I thought it was. I've also altered the 710400 CPU gscript to run at 604800 (for now - I may switch to stock), and changed minimum to 160000; we'll see how that goes.

    That said, I am getting through the day, and that should be all that counts - just get me from unplug to plug in at night and I'm fine with it.
  5. jhewit22

    jhewit22 Well-Known Member

    How do you do that?
  6. kobel1up

    kobel1up Android Enthusiast

    If you are referring to wiping the battery stats it in recovery, go to wipe and its third down from the top. Under the other wipes.
  7. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    If you mean "How did I alter the 710400 script to be 604800," I went into gscript, menu, add script, click load file, click "set_cpu_max_710400.sh". The script is displayed in the large box on the "Add script" screen, and I changed everything that said 710400 to 604800, then clicked "save" and ran the script.

    To change the minimum to 160000, there is already a gscript for that; just load it, save it, and run it.

    BTW, I always wipe battery when I change from one Android version to another. This is legit; the xtr ROMs running the Zanfur kernel do not last as long as the Froyo ROMs, everything else being equal. I haven't tried running xtrSENSE with one of Conap's kernels to see if battery life would improve (i.e., I do not know if it is something with Froyo or the kernel which makes battery better.) I may try it, just to see if anything is improved, and to see if anything breaks, for that matter.
  8. dragonbro

    dragonbro Android Enthusiast

    Funny, I just flashed the XTRrom 4.6 from XTRsense and felt like the battery life was a little better? I was busy messing with the launcher pro settings and configuring the screens, sending txt's, surfing the web, etc....and was down to about 20% by last night. Seems pretty good for heavier than normal use to me.
  9. Eris_2.1_2010

    Eris_2.1_2010 Well-Known Member

    Can someone point me towards a working link xtr 4.5. The bluetooth is buggy in 4.6 wont let control volume on bt headset.
  10. rxfilr

    rxfilr Newbie

    I have had battery issues also, but I've pretty much nailed it down to Gmail contacts sync issue. I just have the sync contacts turned off and battery is much better.
  11. mikey517

    mikey517 Member

    How do you turn off just the Contacts sync? I've just started trying xtrSense 4.6 and notice poor battery life as well.....
  12. rxfilr

    rxfilr Newbie

    Go to settings, then accounts & sync, then google, then uncheck the box that says contacts.:)
  13. kobel1up

    kobel1up Android Enthusiast

    I double checked over at xda, the 4.5 has been removed. I can understand why zach would have removed the 4.5 that had the new kernel, but the other 4.5 worked flawlessly. You may have to got with the 4.2.1. It's nice and stable and I liked it better then 4.5.
  14. mikey517

    mikey517 Member

    There is no option or box to uncheck in the Google Account settings....
  15. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    There should be, if you have settings->accounts & sync, both "background data" and "auto-sync" checked. If not, then something is wrong.
  16. celton

    celton Newbie

    Ever since flashing to 4.6, I get a Force Close when I try to go to Accounts and Settings...
  17. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    Did you wipe data before you flashed?
  18. trishuhh

    trishuhh Newbie

    Try the 50% w/o signal fix

    That's probably your problem, cause it was mine.
  19. dragonbro

    dragonbro Android Enthusiast

    I would like to retract my earlier statement of battery performance, or at least it is very different today. Battery drain was pretty rapid today and I used my phone less than yesterday???
    Had to put it on the charger just now 8:16PM because it was in the red zone. I took it off the charger this morning at 7:30AM and used the phone less than usual.....I'm going to a earlier version of XTR and use launcher pro to see if the battery life is better.
  20. dragonbro

    dragonbro Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone tried to run the "battery Tweak" in the gscript to see if that makes a difference?
  21. Lagos

    Lagos Well-Known Member

    I noticed the same problem. The fix for me was to install setCPU and apply my own over/under clock settings.
  22. celton

    celton Newbie

    Yes I did. I think I will try again just to see.
  23. PiperCub49

    PiperCub49 Member

    I am having the same problem. I'll try the wipe again and see where that gets me.
  24. dragonbro

    dragonbro Android Enthusiast

    I flashed back to XTRrom (all I had saved on my hard drive) and running launcher pro with all the same CPU settings and widgets that I put on 4.6 and my battery is very happy again.

    Not sure why the battery runs down faster on the new 4.6? It's a shame, I really like how launcher pro was built in because it seems to run more stable. I also liked the unlock screen in the new rom :(
  25. celton

    celton Newbie

    I re-flashed and all is well. Battery life has also improved. :cool:

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