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XtrSENSE vs stock 2.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jpzsports, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm still running stock 2.1 and am pretty happy with it. I've heard so much praise of rooting and it's very tempting. After looking at all the ROMs, xtrSense 4 seems like it would be my top pick because it has SenseUI, it's new and very up-to-date, and it is known to run so well with so few issues.

    But I was thinking, what's the point of rooting and going through the process to put on that ROM, when it will be almost the same as stock 2.1?

    Are the benefits really worth it? How much more speed, enhancements over stock is it?


  2. lukesdiesel

    lukesdiesel Android Enthusiast

    Its a night and day difference. Before Root I was fixing to sale my phone and get a blackberry. Now im not ever looking at the new phones.
  3. Praetorian

    Praetorian Well-Known Member

    One phrase I keep hearing and I like to repeat is that xtrSense makes the phone perform like it should have out of the box. There's no dialer lag or any other kind of lag whats so ever and you don't even have to overclock which I don't mind doing but like Frisco I prefer not to. With stock 2.1 I wanted to throw the phone into a wall everytime I made a dam phone call.
  4. Peter123

    Peter123 Android Enthusiast

    jpzsports, I am exactly in the same limbo as you are. I have rooted my phone and it works fine, I added some goodies that are available for the rooted phones only. I am eyeballing XTRSense_V4.0.5 and what I see is they report two major advantages over the rooted stock 2.1:
    1. apps2sd - it frees up a lot of RAM space
    2. The ROM is highly optimized so it runs without OC faster than the stock 2.1 (which makes me think why the stock is not optimized so to begin with?)

    Other than that, that's all I see. Anyone, anything else?

    BTW I asked a friend why did he root his Incredible when he had there everything he needed? The answer is not surprizing: "because I can."

  5. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    What exactly has made the night and day difference? If xtrSense and stock 2.1 are almost the same as far as looks go, then what's different? I don't need to root for wireless tethering or some of the other reasons and I wonder if it's really worth the hassle of rooting considering I'm actually pretty happy with my current stock. Although I keep hearing so much praise of xtrSense and who wouldn't be happy with a faster and more responsive ROM? But is the difference really that noticeable?

    So if I were to install xtrSense, I could run it without having to worry about SetCPU or any sort of OC and still notice a performance increase that makes it worth using?

    Ya, I agree with what you said. Interesting to see if any others have more advantages to list. Regarding apps2sd, what advantage is there to having more RAM space? If I still have 20-30mbs or so of free RAM space for more apps, is there a need to even use apps2sd? Or would having more RAM also increase performance? I think I'm confusing RAM like memory and RAM as in internal storage.

    And I've thought about rooting "because I can" and also cause of it's high praise, but I'm one of the few people who's actually happy with phone the way it is. Sure it lags on occasion but nothing horrible. In fact, I tried my friend's new Droid 2 and noticed more lag than I expected, and that phone has a stronger processor. So I'm in limbo because I like the idea of rooting and the improvements, but I'm so afraid to mess up or cause any problems to my phone since it's working well right now.
  6. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Android Enthusiast

    Yes, it is VERY noticeable. It's like running Windows XP vs. Linux on a fairly average machine. Windows = stock big bulky and bloated. Linux = xtrSense smoother streamlined no extra bloat with a SenseUI theme. May look like Stock Sense, but I can make my phone look like a MAC desktop if I wanted to.

    As far as a2sd, you can install more apps without taking resources away from the OS which has teh effect of both saving you RAM and better performance. You have 20-30mb, I have 142mb.. I can install ALOT more apps than you if I wanted to. The extra 100+mb is teh real difference.

    Bottom line is, if you are happy with your phone as it is, then don't bother. You obviously aren't going to miss it. If you are like most of us rooters, speed freaks, then go for it, you'll be much happier.
  7. Peter123

    Peter123 Android Enthusiast

    That's what I hear. Except as I understand you do need root for wireless tether.

    A lot of people report they do not need SetCPU with XtrSense.
    It is speedy as is.

    That is a very good question. The performance is degrading with low RAM, but at what point is starts to be noticable, I don't know.

    I also noticed that there are a number of items on the running task list can free up a lot of RAM space (till the next reboot, when they creep in again. Some people say that you can mark these task with ATK as not to reload at boot (?))

    I guess for a lot of people playing with different ROMs is a game and challenge. I am more like "ain't broken don't fix it" type of guy.
    I am doing science as my job, so I have enough tweaking with things on a daily basis as is.:rolleyes:

  8. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Good read and very informative. Makes me lean towards going root.

    Ya, I feel the same way. Well, you said you were considering trying xtrSense...since you're already rooted, you might as well give it a shot and see what you think. If you agree that it's a large improvement over stock, then I'll probably go ahead with it.

    Now I have to do some more research on apps2sd...hmmm...
  9. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Android Enthusiast

    I actually ran xtrSense about a week and half ago but in the end, I opted to go with xtrrom. It ran great without overclocking or anything like that. However, I got a taste of Launcher pro with Evil Eris and found that when I went back to SenseUI, I actually missed LP. I also didn't really need alot of the prepackaged apps that the SenseUI builds come with, so I just went with xtrrom. It was pretty vanilla so I kinda got the feeling that I was 'building my own ROM' which was actually pretty cool.

    One other thing I noticed about both xtr ROMs is the battery life is fantastic in both. The absence of useless crap running in the background that I never use, and not needing an OC app have definitely increased my battery life by a very large measure. when I stock, got about 6-8 hours on a charge. Now, I get 10-12 easily and if I forget to plug it in overnight and let it sleep, it will only drop about 5-10%.
  10. MagnumForce

    MagnumForce Newbie

    I went from Smash Sense to XTR Sense and the difference is unbelievable. No lag on anything at all! I went form Overclocked at 787 Mhz to not overclocked at all and XTR Sense is still faster. XTR Sense is even faster then running Chaos Froyo at 787. I love Sense, it was one of the two reason I got an Eris over a Droid (the other being looks) and XTR Sense is truly unbelivable compared to stock. The battery life is unreal as well.

    FYI My main reason for rooting to begin with was A2SD and Wireless tether.
  11. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks a ton for the info...ya I definitely would consider xtrROM if I were to go without Sense but I think xtrSense would be an easier transition plus I'm a fan of Sense.

    And glad to hear about the battery improvements.

    What exactly makes it so much faster than stock considering it still looks and functions the same?

    Good to hear! I'd rather not have to deal with OC and worrying about temps and profiles so I'm glad I can go without it and still have it run fast.

    I'm just wondering about apps2sd now...I don't have so many apps that I'm running low on internal space yet, so should I bother with it?
  12. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    I just flashed xtrSense 4.0.5 yesterday and I like it a lot. It is cleaned up and really does run the way my Eris originally did out of the box, only a little faster. Over clocking, wireless tether, Jit and A2sd are all great add ons with this ROM.

    One thing to remember is that these features can be turned on and off using the built in Gscript in the ROM. With that it really isn't like you have to have them or not have them. It is a simple switch to turn them on or off. This way you can try out a feature and use it if you like it or switch it off if you don't.

    I am using A2sd right now and I look forward to a Froyo version of this rom so that I can select which apps I want on the card and which to keep on the phone. The space is great right now and I don't even look at the app size anymore.

    Also, if you do a Nand backup after rooting and realize that you want pure stock again, you can always go back.
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  13. ThorSkaagi

    ThorSkaagi Well-Known Member

    Well, I just got done trying xtrSENSE 3 and I love it. I'm on Evil Evil Eris 4 right, and I love that even more. I like how the widgets are consolidated into one list, instead of HTC and Android. Also, how the lock screen slider is darker like the Incredible, as well as the other Sense widgets. I may try downloading xtrSENSE 4 right now though.
  14. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for all the help! Much appreciated. Couple of quick Q's:

    1. Is Gscript difficult to use or is it a simple program?

    2. I saw someone mention that before using apps2sd, he could only fit 7 apps on internal memory. Currently I can fit many more than that...does xtrSense take up more internal memory or something?

    3. Is apps2sd difficult to setup or easy? And did you move all your apps over or just some? Do apps on the sd take longer to load (using stock SD card)?

    4. I like knowing that I can do a Nand backup and always be able to go back to my current setup if needed. Can you just tell me the proper steps?

    Would it be:

    - root with universal 1 click method
    - backup
    - install xtrSense

    Do I need to do a wipe someone in there? Any other missing steps?


    P.S. - What's Cache2sd?
  15. Peter123

    Peter123 Android Enthusiast

    jpzsports, there is a detailed description of the installation steps on the OP page of the XtrSense4.05.
    After your backup step you are also required to add an EXT3 partion to the sd card for the ap2sd and Cache2sd. (As I understand the Cache2sd places the program caches on the SD card along with the app.)

    PS. I will install XtrSense over the weekend and I will report back about my impression.
  16. Peter123

    Peter123 Android Enthusiast

    I think you boot your phone to recovery, select restore, pick the backup file you saved in the nandroid folder. I guess, that's it.
  17. teleburst

    teleburst Member

    The Root with Dummies is great, especially since erisuser is there to hold your hand as he did for me when I had some bonehead hiccups.

    Once you get through with rooting and flashing your ROM, basically, you'll go back into recovery and flash the various options (apps2SD, JIT, etc.). They'll show up in your flash listing (the same way your ROM shows up). In the case of xtrrom, you have to download the extra files and zip them to the root directory of your SD just like you did the ROM.

    Basically they are "on/off" files. If you want to enable JIT, you flash the on file. If you want to turn it off, you flash the off. BIG WARNING THOUGH - if you flash apps2SD on, make sure you back up your SD card first because it's going to wipe it as it partitions the card.

    See above post...
  18. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Do I do the apps2sd partition before or after installing the ROM? And before I install the ROM, I'm suppose to do a wipe - do I need to wipe the caches and other stuff too or does a data/factory reset do all of that anyways?

    And for instructions I think I'll start with the 1-click root instructions, then use the "Finishing Up" Instructions from Universal Root for Dummies guys which will help me:
    - Make a Nandroid Backup of your current ROM
    - Wipe the Eris to prep for a new ROM install
    - Install the new ROM (of your choosing)

    And then I'll follow the detailed description of the installation steps on the OP page of the XtrSense and then the apps2sd info.

    Sound good?
  19. Peter123

    Peter123 Android Enthusiast

    Yes. The repartitioning of the sd card is *prerequisite*. You do it before
    installing the ROM:

    From Zach.xtr:


    If you have not setup your SD card (for those new to Apps2sd) as per tkirton:
    1. BACKUP YOUR SD CARD TO YOUR COMPUTER. Can't stress this enough, as partitioning will wipe the entire card.
    2. Reboot into recovery
    3. In Android System Recovery, select Partition sdcard
    4. In the Partition sdcard menu, select Partition SD
    5. Follow the instructions on the phone to partition your SD card. Most folks seem to recommend using the default values however you can go larger or smaller use values 256, 512,768,1024. You will also be asked to set a swap size; I stayed at 32mb but many recommend 0mb.
    6. Once the partition is initially created you must then convert to ext3 - In the Partition sdcard menu, select SD:ext2 to ext3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
    7. Press the back button on the phone to go back to the main menu.
    8. Your SD card is now ready to work with an Apps2sd supported ROM.
    Then the ROM installation (also from zach.xtr):

    2. download the base xtrSENSE .zip file
    3. complete NANDROID backup
    4. copy the .zip file to the root of your sd card
    5. From amon_ra recovery Wipe data/factory reset, Wipe Dalvik-cache, and Wipe SD:ext partition
    6. flash the xtrSENSE file from sd card
    7. reboot - first boot will take a while (i.e. over 10 mins - deodexed ROMs take longer on first boot)
    8. complete short setup and let your accounts sync
    9. Setup GScripts
    10. you can now one-click toggle settings at any time [​IMG]
    The Step 9.(Gscript setup) is described as:
    To setup your GScripts complete the following steps:
    1. After opening GScript press the menu button and select "Add script"
    2. A new window will open.
    3. Press the Load file button
    4. Select a script from the list (each is obviously named as to its function)
    5. Ensure Needs SU? is checked
    6. Now select "Save" and you have added your script
    7. To run just select it from the list in the main GScript screen
    8. You must reboot the phone for the change to take effect.

    I guess, when it comes to installing the ROM I will print out the OP page and blindly follow it to the letter...;)

    This is all on the OP page.
    I did the rooting the *long way*, manually installing the nandroid thingy then flashed the engineering3.zip to do the actual rooting. All described in the stickies.
  20. teleburst

    teleburst Member

    Sorry for the confusion. Apparently you do it before you flash your ROM. Although that begs the question - does that mean that you can never use the apps2ds app if you haven't partitioned your card first? I guess you could if you restore your original ROM and then partition and reflash sxtrom. What happens if you try to flash the apps2sd app without partitioning first (or partitioning at all)? Nothing? Or could you screw something up?
  21. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    I don't think so; I believe that Zach has set it up in a way sophisticated enough to detect that there is no SD ext partition, so a2sd cannot be set up.

    You can install without the partition, though, go through the partition steps later (remember to back up the stuff on the card before you partition), and then, after you run the script to turn on a2sd, the next reboot will move all of your apps to the ext partition.
  22. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    If I setup Apps2sd, can I manage which apps I want on internal memory and which I want on the sd card?

    And if I decided not to setup my sd card for apps2sd and eventually down the road do want it, can I do so, or is it too late once the ROM is installed?


    BTW, what class is the stock SD card?

    Since I don't use that many apps, I think I might be better off just going without apps2sd as to avoid any issues or performance impact. Still torn tho...
  23. Joe Eris

    Joe Eris Android Enthusiast

    How bout live wallpapers,shootme(capture screenshots),ad free android(remove ads from apps),Quickboot, & autokiller :D
  24. teleburst

    teleburst Member

    So, technically it's not a prerequisite for the ROM. That's what I was thinking since the installation of the ROM went through for me without having partitioned my SD card. Basically what you're saying is that all you need is a partitioned card before you try to install apps2cd, right? Not before you install the ROM.
  25. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    That's right. And, again, I believe that the ROM would not break if you installed the script without a partitioned SD card - it would just stop running the script when it was unable to mount the ext partition and continue on without apps2sd.

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