xyboard cannot find software upgrades

I had hoped to find an upgrade to 4.1.2 for my xyboard 8.2, but when I clicked on the System Updates link in the setting menu, all I get is "Checking for available update. Please wait...", but I never get a response.

I know that this is an old tablet, and that Motorola has been sold multiple times since this product came out, so has the upgrade site been moved? Or am I just out of luck for getting an upgrade?


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Yes, I knew that there was a possibility that there were not updates available, but the behavior I expected when I clicked on the System Update link was for it to eventually come back with a "No updates available" message or something similar.

But seeing a spinner sit there and never get a response makes me think that the tablet could not reach the upgrade site. And the tablet does have a good connection to the internet. That's really the issue I was raising.