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YAAM : Alternative Market

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Malgon, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Malgon

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    Jan 10, 2010

    Jan 10, 2010

    YAAM (for Yet Another Android Market) is a newcomer to the world of market for Android.
    First a small reminder : a market is an application that allows you to download other applications. The well know exemple is Google's Android Market, available by default on many phones.
    But Android Market contains many defects, as shown in this petition written by several developers. The purpose of YAAM is to propose a market at the level of Google, but with these defects corrected (ambitious of course)

    And diversity has never hurt, competition drives usually the protagonists to excel!

    Here are important points to note about YAAM:

    On user side
    • Payment of the application by Paypal (and other payment systems will follow)
    • Detailed descriptions to do a good choice (up to six screens, descriptions not limited and supporting formatting, etc ...)
    • Possibility of updating every applications with few clicks
    • No country restrictions !

    On developer side
    • No registration fee!
    • Total earnings go to developer
    • Payout by paypal
    • APKs encrypted to provide a very good safety
    • Descriptions not limited and xHTML formatting (bold, italic, underline, link, lists,...)
    • Close monitoring of users with the opportunity to respond to comments by email!
    • Ability to specify mobile devices on which the application has been tested
    • An RSS feed for comments on each application

    Account creation is done from the application, or from the website. Website has a true Web-market, enabling users to make their choice on the PC, and use the QRCode to download the application!

    Several companies/constructors have already contacted us about YAAM, but unfortunately I can not tell you more. Only that the future seems bright for YAAM :)

    Here are some videos of YAAM's features (made with the Android emulator that gives the impression of slowness) :

    YouTube - YAAM connexion

    YouTube - YAAM categories

    YouTube - YAAM search

    YouTube - YAAM applications show

    YouTube - YAAM updates management



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