Jul 16, 2010
Just upgraded from Note 9 to S23 Ultra.
Been using Yaata for years, no problem.
On new phone, I can ATTACH a picture to a text (from my Gallery), but I cannot TAKE a picture inside Yaata.
What happens is:
  • I open a new text
  • Hit the little camera icon
  • Take the picture
  • It inserts a BLANK frame in the text
If *I* click on it before sending, it opens a blank frame. When the recipient gets it, there's nothing there. All permissions are granted to Yaata.
What am I not looking at?
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Thanks. I noticed it didn't have a website for tech help, so I turned here...

What I like about Yaata:
  • Customizable per Conversation
    • Ringtone
    • Bubble color
    • LED color
  • Customizable background wallpaper
    • It's the same for all conversations, but it's nice to have its own "look"
  • Delayed deliveries
    • Basic "oh shit" delay - gives you anywhere from three to 60 seconds to edit message after you hit Send before it transmits
    • Can schedule a message to go any time in the future
So if the devs can't fix it, I'm thinking of trying Pulse. Any thoughts?

@mikedt, I just listened to Red the other day, almost pulled Crimson King off the shelf instead...
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