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Yahoo email doesn't work, now that I have left the US

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chewedpup, May 15, 2011.

  1. chewedpup

    chewedpup Well-Known Member
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    I am in the UK on vacation (from the US), and just tried to check my yahoo mail. It would not connect to the server, so I deleted the account and tried to add it again, using the same set up I had before (I wrote down all the settings). That didn't work, so I went online and looked at other problems posted - and I tried all combinations of settings, from imap.mail.yahoo.com, port 993, ssl, to smtp.mail.yahoo.com, port 465 to 143, to android.imap.mail.yahoo.com to android.smtp.mail.yahoo.com and NOTHING works, all I get is "unable to open connection to the server."
    Would this have anything to do with me going overseas to the UK from the US? I wouldn't have thought so, but I cannot figure this out.
    I'm using the IMAP option, putting in my username@yahoo.com, my password, and all the manual settings (automatic didn't work either) - help someone please? Please note, I am rooted with Gingerbread.

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  2. DonB

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    This needs to be posted in the HTC Hero Sprint section
  3. Xyro

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