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Yahoo Mail 1.2 Alpha

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ctc, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. ctc

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    A couple days ago I opened up Yahoo mail and it told me I needed to do an update. It downloaded an APK and then nothing happened. I decided to just launch the APK and install the new version manually. It said it was version 1.2 and the current version I had was 1.0.4.

    So I started playing with it and noticed that HTTP links were now working across the board. Then found that I could do copy and paste by going through the menus and choosing "Select Text". I thought "cool, they've made links work and added a copy text feature. 2 things that I really wanted." However, I noticed that the copy text feature sucked and was very hard to use so I was disappointed. I started poking around and the slight tweaks of the interface were good but it kept force closing on me.

    The next day it force closed all day long and finally I got an error that "Mail has been disabled due to a security issue". Strange, but I figured I would get an updated version soon so I just waited. A day passed and nothing. So I decided to uninstall. After Uninstalling I went to the market page for Yahoo mail and read:

    "IMPORTANT! A pre-release alpha version update was accidentally published on Oct 25th. If you downloaded this broken non-market version, please remove from your device and reinstall 1.0.4 from the Market."

    So I reinstalled 1.0.4 and all is back to normal. I'm not sure how many people accidentally got the Alpha.

    I guess the good news is they're adding copy text and have fixed HTTP links. I just hope they make copy text better because it was horrible and buggy.

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