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yahoo mail configuration?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sushifor5, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I was trying to set up my yahoo email account on my OV thru the email app that came on the phone...everytime i try, it says wrong username/password and doesn't let me proceed...but my info is not wrong.

    is there something i need to know about configuring yahoo mail on my phone?


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  2. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    You have to have Yahoo premium to get that to work with Yahoo.
  3. syav

    syav Well-Known Member

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  4. mugwump

    mugwump Newbie

    If you want to use the pre-installed email app then set up Yahoo with these settings:

    Incoming Settings
    username: <username>@yahoo.com
    password: <your password>
    IMAP server: android.imap.mail.yahoo.com
    security type: none
    IMAP Path Prefix: <leave blank>

    Outgoing settings
    SMTP server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    Port: 587
    Security Type: none
    Require Sign-in: checkbox checked
    username: <username>@yahoo.com
    password: <your password>
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  5. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i'll give that a try, thanks much!

    Oops, I tried and it only let me do incoming settings, then hit next...and it said it couldn't establish a connection.

    do i need to do outgoing settings at same time? how do i do that...phone isn't giving me option.

    thanks much!
  6. mugwump

    mugwump Newbie

    You should just be able to select the Yahoo email account and Edit Settings to get to the incoming and outgoing settings.
  7. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Giving that a try, but it won't let me...hmmmm...will keep playing, thanks!
  8. fightingirish

    fightingirish Well-Known Member

    I've tried a few Yahoo apps, and have not been impressed with any of them. I check my Yahoo email box via the browser (Opera Mini), which works quite well for my needs. Also check Gmail that way too.
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  9. syav

    syav Well-Known Member

    I li&#954;&#949; &#1059;ahoomail & &#1059;ahoo &#1084;&#949;ss&#949;&#951;g&#949;r a&#961;&#961;. &#914;&#965;t since I don't use `em that much I decided to uninstall `em because those a&#961;&#961;s take up at least 5mb each. My &#961;ho&#951;&#949; is not rooted and an increase from 50mb to 60mb just from deleting those 2 a&#961;&#961;s is huge gain.
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  10. KentInPhilly

    KentInPhilly Newbie

    Just a comment... I prefer the official Yahoo Mail app over manually configuring the built-in "E-Mail" app.

    I use the E-mail App to check my e-mail on a different generic POP server out there, and the notifications do not seem to work as well as they do on the Yahoo Mail (or Gmail) App.

    With the E-mail app, the new mail icon pops up when I get new mail there and then goes away after a short time, so I will not notice I have a new message unless I'm actually looking at the phone when it comes in. The Yaho and Gmail notifications stay until I acknowledge them.

    Not sure if others have the same problem, but I vaguely remember reading about other people having similar issues.
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