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yahoo mail on HTC desire

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vijaymanda, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. vijaymanda

    vijaymanda Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have just got the HTC Desire today with an Orange UK contract. Unfortunately, I can't set up my yahoo mail account on it. It always say username/password incorrect. I have tried manual settings as well with no success. never had this problem with HTC Touch HD which was runnig on Windows mobile unlike Desire which has an Androd platform. Can anyone tell me how to set up yahoo mail on HTC Desire. Thanks.

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  2. specialjim

    specialjim Lurker

    I had this problem to start with. Try going onto your yahoo account on a PC, go to options (top right), more options, POP and forwarding (goes to mail classic for some reason), and choose the setting to allow this. Then go back to the phone and try again. That seemed to sort the problem. Hope this helps.
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  3. gie62001

    gie62001 Android Enthusiast

    i know this problem and kind of sulution for it but going to your yahoo mail options won't solve the problem unless you have yahoo plus account,but here is the solution we discussed at samsung galaxy thread:

    just scroll down and you'll see what to do
    haven't tried myself yet but i bet it will work
    let me know if it works ok?
  4. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    I have Yahoo working, but as above you must be a premium/plus account to make it work.

    1. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off
    2. Press the E-Mail icon (the default Android E-Mail application)
    3. Enter your Yahoo/BT address and password
    4. Press "Manual Setup" in the lower left hand corner
    5. For "Incoming Server Settings" set the IMAP server to "imap.mobile.mail.yahoo.com" and the Port to 143
    6. For "Outgoing Server Settings" set the SMTP Server to "smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com" and the Port to 587
    7. Check "Require sign-in" and press Next
    8. Select how often your phone will check for Email, and choose default options
    9. Give the account a name and set your display name for outgoing messages
    There is a known issue when sending mail of getting duplicates, and the above will only work using your network provider; not wi-fi.
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  5. vijaymanda

    vijaymanda Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everybody for the suggestions! After lot of trawling on the net and hours on the phone...I finally made yahoo mail work on Desire.
    The following needs to be done:
    As Specialjim had advised, I made sure that the POP forwarding was checked in my regular Yahoo account (Not yahoo Plus). This could only be done if you change the preferred location of your yahoo account to Asia! So I changed it to Asia from UK. Apparently POP forwarding is free only if the preferred location on Yahoo Account settings is Asia! Otherwise this is not possible!
    Then I put my email address and password in the phone and it automatically set the account! All done! And yes it doesn't matter if the wifi is on or off....as long as you have internet access on the phone.
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  6. gie62001

    gie62001 Android Enthusiast

    well done, good to hear that it worked will do that on my galaxy as well when i have time,thanx
  7. billybodrick

    billybodrick Newbie

    Well my Yahoo mail just worked I set it up when doing first setup of phone by just inserting my email and password and worked perfectly don't understand why people are having to go to such lengths to get it working
  8. nmanihar

    nmanihar Lurker

    Hi all, I'm planning to get a HTC Desire soon. Currently I'm using a Nokia E71. I use Nokia email messaging application to access my Yahoo mail, which uses IMAP access. I was wondering if the Desire auto configs to IMAP settings for Yahoo mail or is it only POP? Let me know if anyone has been able to configure Yahoo IMAP (like in Nokia's built-in app) BTW, I'm also a Yahoo plus subscriber, if it helps.
  9. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    Yes, I'm running Yahoo IMAP.

    The default HTC mail app doesnt seem to have an option to access your custom folders though :(
  10. mr-mixalot

    mr-mixalot Newbie

    Yes, I just set my up via normal setup and it works first time
  11. suli

    suli Newbie

    Normal setup didn't worked for me, but changing the location to Aisa did the trick..!!
  12. dhall_gagan

    dhall_gagan Lurker

    Thanx a lot buddy, it really helped!!!
  13. jivkomk

    jivkomk Lurker

    How Can I change the location?
    And after that where to tick POP?
  14. jimdriver2

    jimdriver2 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know how to fix this and get your custom folders? I could do it on my old Samsung Omnia, so the Desire must be able to do it!
  15. no fit state

    no fit state Well-Known Member

    The only way I have found to view my custom folders is by viewing them in the yahoo app.
  16. billy1561

    billy1561 Well-Known Member

    I had the same trouble initially.
    I followed the standard setup but noticed the phone had my pop and smtp as btopenworld.com.
    It should have read mail.btopenworld.com for both of these and then it worked a treat.
    Hope that helps.
  17. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    Yahoo app?

    I thought they killed all the apps. Even the iphone is only a web shortcut.
  18. xrayhead

    xrayhead Lurker

    Hi All

    I managed to set my Yahoo up with just the user name and password.

    It seems to be working 95% so far and the only issue I have is if I delete an email from my account whilst logged into my PC and then go to the phone I still see the email on my phone!

    I have to manually remove the email from my phone as well (I didn't have to do this when I had an iPhone).

    Anyone have the same problem as this or know of a fix?

  19. videonastie

    videonastie Member

    Off topic slightly.

    Does anyone know how to have a specific tone on the Desire for Yahoo mail?
  20. unkle73

    unkle73 Lurker

    I have a US based yahoo.com account. It won't change to any Asia setting. If I want to alter the PoP settings, it says I have to sign up for a premium paid for account. I don't want to do this. Is there still a method I can use to set up yahoo on my Desire, so I can send emails directly from my handset via my yahoo account?
  21. no fit state

    no fit state Well-Known Member

    For all those where yahoo is saying they need a premium/paid account. I never had that problem on my free UK account, the only thing it needed to set up was to be in classic mode which it prompted me to do.
  22. 1981

    1981 Android Enthusiast

    thankssss. my yahoomail is working now. just activated the 'pop and forwarding' option in the yahoo mail options.
    my network was already on yahoo asia. so dint have to do anything abt tht part. but I want to find out where to change this option. just to know.
    after that, just put in my username and password in the 'create new mail account' in desire. rest got through itself.
    are these settings already saved in desire for all major providers like yahoo?
    one thing I cudnt find is an option to change mail notification alert sound but its there in the gmail app which came default with the desire.
    nyways, it is retrieving yahoomail for me, most of the time.
  23. onevia6981

    onevia6981 Lurker

    Hey matey sorry to keep u waiting but i just fixed this with a customer instore.
    if your setting up pop access to your email. put in the incoming server pop.mobile.mail.yahoo.com, then outgoing is the same as IMAP which is smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com... cuddles!!!
  24. mrhaff

    mrhaff Lurker

    Did you ever find an answer to this as I am having the same problem and its driving me crazy!
  25. mrhaff

    mrhaff Lurker

    Did you ever get an answer to this? Its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

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