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Yahoo Mail problem SOLVED!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by JujuFox, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. JujuFox

    JujuFox Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After much scouring of Google and trying at least 7 different supposed fixes, restarts, etc I have found the solution!

    Now I am able to send and receive emails from my Mail app for my Yahoo email account(free version not plus)! I have a HTC ThunderBolt, and like most people up until this week my Yahoo email worked fine.

    Don't download the Yahoo! Mail app. Just follow the steps below!

    Step 1: Go to your Account Settings
    Log into your mail account on mail.yahoo.com and go to "Account Info"(under your name at the very top left of the page next to the Yahoo logo)

    Step 2: Go to Asia!
    Scroll down to Account Settings and click "Set language, site, and time zone". Under "Regional Site and Language" change it to "Yahoo! Asia" and hit the save button

    Step 3: Options > More Options
    Go back to mail.yahoo.com and on the right are links for "Mobile, Options, Help"(under the search bar). Click on "Options" for the drop down menu, and click "More Options"

    Step 4: POP goes the weasel

    In the left menu click the link for "POP & Forwarding". Select the radio button for "Allow your Yahoo! Mail to be POPed"

    Step 5: Set up a POP mail account on your android device

    Incoming mail settings
    Protocol: POP Remember to set it as POP not IMAP!
    Email Address: your-addy@yahoo.com
    Username: your-addy@yahoo.com
    Password: your password
    POP server: pop.mail.yahoo.com
    Security type: SSL
    Server Port: 995

    Outgoing mail settings
    Login required: check
    Username: your-addy@yahoo.com
    Password: your password
    SMTP server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    Security type: SSL
    Server port: 465


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  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    thanks for the tip :)
  3. raysmo

    raysmo Lurker

    Works fine if you only have one email address. But I have three and if I try to set up each, I only get the email from my default account in each. Do you know if it's possible to get my second and third addresses connected as well?
  4. ric777

    ric777 Lurker

    Thank you very much, JujuFox! My yahoo email stopped working yesterday June 27, 2011 for no reason and your method solved it. I tried googling "yahoo mail phone problems" and "android yahoo mail problems" and got nowhere till I hit upon this page! Thank you again!
  5. JujuFox

    JujuFox Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sorry I have only one account so I really don't know how to fix your problem.

    Yep I noticed it last night too. Hopefully this problem will get resolved, but for the time being this works.
  6. doostar

    doostar Newbie

    After 3 days now I have my yahoo posts back on HTC mail. But I decided to move to Gmail now, after using 17 years using Yahoo. Can't afford this happen again.
  7. ylexot

    ylexot Android Expert

    Not working for me. I get to step 3 when I run into issues. There is no "POP & Forwarding" selection. What's strange is that under the Accounts option, it says, "If you want to check email from this Yahoo! Mail account in an email client like Outlook, visit "Pop & Forwarding" on the left." The logo says "Yahoo! Asia", so I know that setting was changed. I guess I'm SOL.
  8. ylexot

    ylexot Android Expert

    Well, I was able to get Pop & Forwarding by switching to Singapore, but couldn't get the phone to log in. :thinking:
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  9. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Thanks for all those reporting back, we heard some stuff through the grapevine there have been some troubles with yahoo over the past few days but we havent been 100% sure on the cause or solution.

    So if something works for someone, fell free to post -- but also feel free to post if something isnt working. The best we can do here is collaborate :)
  10. rEvo Lver

    rEvo Lver Newbie

    Whatever it was that was going on - they solved it and now regular Yahoo Mail is working fine again through IMAP.
  11. websterzx10r

    websterzx10r Newbie

    I to was having this issue and was using the yahoo application which was killing my battery i called sprint with no answer to problem. Then one morning it started working on its own and i removed the yahoo application. have my fingers crossed that it continues to work have 2 yahoo emails and it is working as of today 7/3/11
  12. carolj12

    carolj12 Lurker

    I have entered my account information on my Archos 70 tablet way too many times. How on earth did you figure out the Asia selection? This is finally working. Thank you!!!!
  13. mrids

    mrids Lurker

    thanks...finally something worked for me..!!
  14. willowjane

    willowjane Lurker

    Still works like a champ :)
  15. sina sina

    sina sina Lurker

    guys it dose not work
    when i want to change zone , time location it have not Yahoo! asia
    please help me
    i need pop and forwarding without yahoo plus

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