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Yahoo Messenger Loading online Contacts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vipey7, May 23, 2011.

  1. vipey7

    vipey7 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have been using Messenger for a while. Suddenly today it signed my out and every time I log in, it gets stuck at Loading Online Contacts and will not start. Any suggestions?

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  2. devinEVO

    devinEVO Well-Known Member

    what rom are you using/kernal etc...

    have you tried uninstall and reinstall?

    do you have the plug in for video and voice installed?
  3. vipey7

    vipey7 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Kernel I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice, but that doesn't seem to help. I have not installed the extra plug-in for video and voice yet. I have no clue on this one. It has always worked. It just stopped suddenly this morning.
  4. devinEVO

    devinEVO Well-Known Member

    are you rooted? try a cache wipe and a dalvik cache wipe.

    try going into your settings/applications and clear the yahoo cache and remove updates if possibe then see if it works
  5. jmwebb

    jmwebb Newbie

    Mine started doing that suddenly today also. Don't waste anymore time trying to fix it.. its a server problem or something.
  6. devinEVO

    devinEVO Well-Known Member

    mine works fine.... you using 1.4?
  7. vipey7

    vipey7 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm using 1.4 I just noticed. If I'm logging into the comp and then try to log on by mobile...it will log me out of the comp. But it gets stuck in "loading online contacts" and will not run on the phone. I have a feeling this is on the yahoo end, not on the EVO end. But I have no idea.
  8. devinEVO

    devinEVO Well-Known Member

    im using mine over wifi seeing as i dont get cell service where i reside. so see if it works over wifi and if not then its def on your end. if it does work and doesnt work on cell service then maybe yahoo or cell provider port issue
  9. vipey7

    vipey7 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Tried wi-fi. That won't work either. Wow, that is frustrating.
  10. devinEVO

    devinEVO Well-Known Member

    yeah i dont see how it could be anything on yahoo's end.... works great for me
  11. Jaq

    Jaq Lurker

    I am also having this problem with my android based phone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the plug-ins and the messenger. I have factory reset my phone and reinstalled the plug in and messenger. And still my online contacts will not load. Im thinking this is an issue with the app because my yahoo messenger works just fine on my laptop. I have also noticed that when logging out of the yahoo messenger app and power cycle my phone, I go to log back into yahoo when the phone is turned on and the app is already logged in??? When I clearly logged out before shutting the phone off. I have 2.2.1 up date on my phone as well. If anyone figures this problem out please share the cure. Also the more people that report a problem with the app the more likely it will get addressed.
  12. vinci

    vinci Newbie

    I have the same problem and I've opened a new thread before seeing this one. I have a HTC Desire S and it started happening today all of a sudden. I've no idea why. It does log in, but I can't perform any action and if I do log out, it doesn't really log out, because I'm still online for the other users on my list.
    It worked just fine yesterday and it always worked fine (apart from a few bugs easy to overcome).
    Doesn't anyone have a clue? Is this a HTC issue? Does it happen on any other brands?
  13. haunyouck

    haunyouck Lurker

    Happening to me too. Have uninstalled and reinstalled many times and still it won't load
    online contacts and eventually closes on me all together. When I reinstall and go to log in
    it already has me logging in again as my last username attempt. Anyone know if any other apparently
    to use till this is figured out or yahoo fixes this? I really feel it is nothing on my end. Any suggestions? I did go to settings and tried to clear cache but it wasn't a option as it was grayed out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. guinessmom

    guinessmom Lurker

    The same thing is happening to me today as well. I have uninstalled and download...still getting jammed up with loading the contacts.
  15. BinFrog

    BinFrog Lurker

    Same problem with me starting today on my Droid 3. Very annoying!
  16. cewallace

    cewallace Newbie

    I think it is a server issue, you could be signing in to a different server depending on the device you use. Mine just logged me out about twenty minutes ago and wont load contacts on the phone, but appears to work fine on the computer.

    This has happened to me at least on three other occasions, usually straightens out in a couple hours to a day.

    go to the market and look at the reviews for today...looks like its out for most folks.
    divas07 likes this.
  17. ctmike58

    ctmike58 Lurker

    this had happened before. Why dont they man up and admit it is broken. Anyone else on Sprint EVO 4G having trouble with Yahoo messengers contacts?:mad::mad::mad:
  18. KayB1991

    KayB1991 Lurker

    I've been having the same problem on my captivate since late last night, tried rebooting the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, nothing seems to work at all for it. Think i;m just going to periodically check throughout the day to see if this changes
    ctmike58 likes this.
  19. ctmike58

    ctmike58 Lurker

    I also have a issue with my voice chat texting not working in my car. As soon as I start to move the microphone shows no action or times out and says talk louder even though I am screaming:thinking::(:mad:
  20. soulm8two

    soulm8two Lurker

    Thank Dog, I thought it was only me. R2D2 Droid is safe from being thrown against the wall!!
  21. KayB1991

    KayB1991 Lurker

    ok mine seems to be working fine now, not sure if its working with all phones again or what the cause of it was
  22. cewallace

    cewallace Newbie

    It was server related, mine was back up yesterday also.
  23. DavidSilver

    DavidSilver Lurker

    Mine does the same I now use ebuddy to talk to my yahoo online contacts whilst connected via 3G
  24. Diadema

    Diadema Lurker

    Right now I have exact the same problem. So frustrating. Does anybody knows how to fix that?? Please share.
  25. divas07

    divas07 Lurker

    i m facing the same problem in my samsung galaxy s2.yahoo messenger stucked suddenly.i reinstalled many times bt its not showing my online contacts and neither my online contacts able to send me message...pls anybody can fix it or solve my problem.earlier it worked fine

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