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Yahoo paid email settings (deleting from server)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hklevi, May 23, 2010.

  1. hklevi

    hklevi Member
    Thread Starter

    After the OTA I have discovered (to my frustration) that the email I have been deleting from my Eris is being permanently deleted from my Yahoo Plus account. I have searched here and all over trying to see if there is new settings or what but can't find anything to include the "don't delete from server" setting for the account.
    With my other yahoo accounts (free) I didn't have the option to keep them on the server and accepted that as it was a struggle to get the free accounts up early on.

    Can anyone PLEASE help me keep the emails I delete from my phone on the server?


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  2. Sytar

    Sytar Newbie

    The only way that I can see this happening is if your Email is setup as IMAP, or Exchange. I think that Yahoo has POP3 and IMAP, if you change to POP3 then it should only COPY them to your phone and not link.

    As a note, if you do this, you will not see any sub folders, only the main Inbox, since POP3 doesn't know about folders.

    Personally I have never used those accounts so I couldn't tell you how to adjust the settings on your phone. I only have the default Gmail account.
  3. Resun

    Resun Newbie

    I use Yahoo POP3 settings and it does only delete it from the phone.

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