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General Yay! a Gravity Smart forum!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Arhtard, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 14, 2011
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    hi guys

    i just got the gravity smart 2 days ago
    rooted it with the guide from tangodown09 with ease and success, TY!!

    i adb pulled framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk for use with the UOT kitchen.. cooked a theme and couldn't flash because we only have the stock recovery option.. tried to adb push the files with errors.. used busybox commands in shell to move the files from /sdcard and then i rebooted.....
    yay!! it works! i have all the customizations i made in the kitchen and a non bricked phone.. (i bricked the first one using copy/paste with root explorer)

    anyway, it kinda sucks not having a custom recovery or kernel with oc'ing ability, and lets not forget init.d support for data2ext..

    i've emailed CWM and asked to port a recovery for our phone. i'd like to be able to make a backup before doing much else, i unistalled 2 programs that i shouldn't have, now my social button on the slide out k/b doesn't link to anything...

    i'm looking around and asking for help from a few people regarding init.d support for data2ext.. no responses yet.. this phone is really sweet, i came from a Optimus V which was fully supported by developers, but i am happy.

    so far using setcpu, i have raised the bottom cpu speed to 480 and the phone seems really responsive.

    i'd post some screenshots but "shootme" comes back with a blue or red haze on pics.. i used the "black sense" status bar theme from the kitchen..

    i'd be more than happy to work with any dev's on porting stuff to this phone.. meaning, being the guinea pig..

    anyway, lets keep this forum alive, its the only Samsung Gravity Smart forum i've found after searching for many hours..

    oh btw, i read somewhere to not use rom manager to install the recovery right now because its not ported for our phone, it will cause a brick.. just fyi.


  2. ramothgold

    ramothgold Member

    Jul 12, 2011
    Student/Domestic Engineer
    I also emailed the developer, but no reply as of yet. Let me know when you get one and I will do the same. Everything would work great if clockworkmod rom manager worked with gravity smart.

    Keep Moving Forward,

    P.S. Here is a link to a kernel that is supposed to make CWM compatible with samsung, but I have not tested. Let me know how it goes if you get it going.
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  3. Noathan

    Noathan New Member

    Oct 5, 2011
    hey im sean.. formerly techservice owner @ getarealcomputer ...
    ive had the gravity smart for about a month now and bricked a phone just to do research i can share with everyone....

    im now using maxthon browser... apps loaded include a weather/clock widget, netflix, youtube, starmap, facebook, email, nytimes, bbc, npr, and a few brain games...

    I HAVE OVER A HUNDRED MEGS FREE AND MY T589 is FLYING... for what it is..

    the basics: the gravity-smart aka t589 is a 600mhz qualcomm processor running froyo 2.2 using 512megs of memory split in half for rom and ram, and a 2gig sdcard comes installed...

    issues: other than youtube and videos made with the code to open up its mobile player, this phone doesnt have any flash ability in any browser.. not dolphin.. nothing... no cracks as of yet, all the arm6 versions are crap for this phone...

    must mods: ...
    ... first... avoid any situation where wish u had some ARROW KEYS

    first: download SuperOneClick and samsung Kies on your PC.
    second: root your device and install AndRootFile, and Titanium Backup.

    i recommend installing avg free and backing up everything...

    using titanium backup, uninstall the following... (this list is from memory as i wake n bake, ill get a detailed list when i get around to it but ill answe any questions i can in the meantime)

    TNAblablabla is the telenav crap
    pb20blablabla is photobucket
    kill the latest market update, the old version is faster
    tmobile backup
    device carbon
    tts and picasa apks and odexes if u dont need text to speech (nothing to do with voice input)..
    dont touch anything google.. it wil brick your phones basic coolness..
    allshare can die
    make sure u setup default facebook and youtube before u update... the files are integrated with this phones contacts and its pretty sweet..
    after u log in to market u can kill Talk
    lookout ... i just love avg... it doesnt like superuser tho. just ignore.

    after u get these uninstalled, and any obvioud ones i forgot...
    go hunting for the .bin files and anything else with the same exact name as the apks uve deleted.... warning.. if u mess this up, u cant undo it...
    use androotfile as superuser and they should be in the system data and data app folders...
    the dalvick cache batch on titanium pro is groovy, but androot file will help u get any files it cant recognize...
    again..only delete files with the same names.. they are files that compliment programs u just killed so theyre no longer needed...
    ennoy the free ram!

    i am not a trained mobile tech.. take my advice at your own risk, i am not responsible if anything happens...
    this is just how i cured my phone of all slowness and app limits...
    i know i pulled more off of it though.. just ask if something is safe.. ill remmeber when i see the file name.

    hope this helps, and hey admins.. think we could get our phone listed in the devices section too? heheh.
  4. phandolin

    phandolin Member

    Oct 5, 2011
    Thanks for the tips! I've got my phone running great after deleting lots of these stock apps and enabling 'Move to SD card' for most of the rest. One last app I was wondering if you messed with...

    Music? (I use Winamp)

    Thanks for all the tips, she's purring like a kitten.

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