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May 21, 2010
Ok, so I just got the G2 and it is so the best Android I have owned, but have to issues. First is the the lower left hand corner I get a slight yellow haze when I am on a white screen. If i change the color of the front touch bottons to black, well of course you cannt see it. You can see the haze when you are in the message app of settings app. Anytime the front touch buttons are on the white back ground. Now it takes time for the haze to come out. Just turning on the phone and looking does reveil it. You have to have the screen on for some time. It new and I am going to return it but was just wondering if anyone has had this happen.

Next is the app disable feature. I when and disabled alot of app I dont use. Amazon,NFL,VZW nav., etc. Now when I did this my ram got worse. When the phone was new and no apps disabled my ram was at 800 down to low 7mb. With the apps disabled the ram went to 6-5mb of free ram? So I went and rest the apps back to oem status and now my free ram is back up to 7-6mb of free ram. It is a little lower because I have installed some apps. Why would disabling apps make my free ram go down if those apps are no lower using the ram?
1st : From all the phones i've owned [including the faultiest of them all : HTC One X], i know as a fact that the yellow spot on the screen means the actual LCD panel is faulty OR device has a issue and it's overheating >> exchange it as fast as possible !

2nd : I suppose that your device is from VZW and this means that it's full of BLOATWARE... bloatware that makes the device react in strange ways if you turn it off - as you yourself mentioned -. I would suggest enabling one "app that you do not use" at a time and check which one makes the phone go crazy OR root the device - IT WILL MAKE YOUR WARRANTY VOID -
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Just went and exchanged it. So far no yellow haze anywhere. I have rooted before so will hold off for now till i make sure i have a good phone. Thanks
Smart to exchange. Could be a sign of mechanical stress on that corner of the phone LCD.
Yep good call on the exchange. I wonder if high RAM usage is common with the G2? I'm forever getting notifications from Clean Master about memory usage exceeding 90%.
Have the intl ver : D802, 2 months of usage, only disabled apps that i do not use and have constantly 8-900+Mb Ram free.

This is very strange, idk what these carriers put in the software !
As long as you're not experiencing lag it doesn't matter how much RAM is used, Android manages this for you.

Mostly agreed but I'm rooted and almost totally debloated. So it seem strange that I would be consistently be using in excess of 90% of my 2GB of RAM.

I think there's a memory leak on this phone and I think it could be related to the constant wakelocks of Google Services and specifically the NLpWakeLock process with NlpLocationReceiverService coming in a close second. These high wakelocks have been documented by many users on various sites.

That said, I don't know if the recent OTA addressed this or not. I'm not running that.
Thanks to micromod777 I am running latest OTA.

I have uninstalled and frozen several VZ, LG and Google apps.

From what I can see this update doesn't help optimize the RAM and if anything maybe slightly worse. Though the update has seemed helped with camera picture quality.

As for the OP...I have no yellow and agree with others that you may have a bad LCD