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yes, email/gmail issues sigh

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by SueKerr, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. SueKerr

    SueKerr Lurker
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    I understand that one of my three gmail accounts was used to set up my phone, but I am not sure which. I do want to be able to toggle between all three with email, contacts, calendar etc.

    I do NOT understand the difference between the gmail and email apps ... it appears I have all 3 accounts in email and 2 of them on gmail app. I use email and don't even have the gmail app on a screen.

    Everything has been fine until today. The accounts are there and permit me to send email, but the older messages have vanished and it is not receiving new messages. No error message. It is just empty. Everything is fine on computer.

    The only things I did today that are different. I went into G+ app and logged out from one account and back in as other. Then reverse. That's exactly when email disappeared.

    I tried removing and reinstalling accounts starting with one I know isn't the "mother" account and the phone said I don't have permission. I also opened the gmail app and nothing happened. Not able to synch. Not able to remove or add. Sigh.

    This is very frustrating. I really need email access from my phone. Using the browser is exhausting.


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    The Gmail app is exclusively for Gmail, which you may not use if you don't want to (I have a Gmail account but I do not use it). To stop using it, just go to menu>settings>accounts and sync>gmail account in question>uncheck the gmail field.

    I would suggest to just remove the accounts on the email app and add them again. To remove the accounts, go to the email app, long press on the account you want to remove and select remove.
  3. SueKerr

    SueKerr Lurker
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    Thank you for responding.

    I went to the gmail app settings as you suggested. The two email accounts were both set to "not" synch. However, when I check the app itself, the email was updated. Sort of. Not quite through today, but Sunday. That's not where they were yesterday. So I don't really understand what that means.

    Regarding removing the accounts, I'm not sure which is the "primary" account to run the phone. I've tried looking that up in help sections, but all I see is "don't delete it or you'll lose everything in a factory reset" and that scares me a bit. So I tried deleting the third account that I'm sure is NOT the primary.

    When I tried to delete it, I received the message "Delete account failed: User has invalid status."

    I don't even know whom to all. Is this a Verizon issue? Sigh. I want to cry.

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