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Yes Or No - game with over 2mln downloads

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by brylcio16, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. brylcio16

    brylcio16 Newbie
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    Hi everyone :) I would like to introduce you my new game. Game it's really easy. You're getting questions on which you have to answer yes or no. Or you can skip question if you just don't want to answer on it for some reason. After every 15 questions you will get a joke to read, just to do a game more fun. I think the greates feature is that you can add your own question into the game, so you can be a part of my game :). I think I designed it well, but feel free to comment. It's always good to have opinions from other people. Here are some photos and a link of course.


    Screenshot_20170303-184849_framed.png Screenshot_20170303-185023_framed.png Screenshot_20170303-205851_framed.png

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  2. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User

    If the App requires network access..... and you're asking personal questions... you really need to have a privacy policy.

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  3. brylcio16

    brylcio16 Newbie
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    Thanks for answer! Yes, app needs internet access, but it is written in the game, that I don't store any information about users, all users are anonymous. I store only sum of answers. It is written in green circles when you start a game for first time. But we are trying to not to add too personal questions into the game. But this is kinda subjective, cause for me question like 'Do you live in Canada or do you like dogs, cats, love your parents' is not too personal. But for someone else can be, maybe.

    Anyway. Even if I have written it in my app, do I still need a privacy policy attached to Google Play?
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  4. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User

    I think it would be a good idea... After all if I was worried about privacy, I wouldn't install your app, and wouldn't see your green circle at all... If I could read the privacy policy first I might give your app a go.
  5. brylcio16

    brylcio16 Newbie
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    Thank you a lot for this advice! I will try to create it asap :)
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  6. brylcio16

    brylcio16 Newbie
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    Hi all! Few years ago I released a Yes Or No game, which I wasn't expecting will be such a success (2mln downloads is a success, right? :p). Anyway, I'm releasing update after update, adding new features and so on. Of course game is free.
    Ok, maybe I'll short what game is about. Game is simple. You answer on questions clicking YES or NO and then, you are able to see how many users also answered like you (percentages and bar chart). Easy, right? But there are a questions that are not that simple, like: "Was the man really on the Moon?" or funny "Does urine tastes bad?" (think about it - if you answer yes or no, it'll mean that you actually taste it! :D). After answering few questions you've got a reward - joke and coins. (I plan to add memes and gifs in next updates). Coins can be used to personalize your copy of the game - change backgrounds, fonts etc.
    So, if you would like to try it - below is a link or just search Yes Or No (Orange icon!) in Play store. In fact you are not loosing anything - game is free and I'll be happy to have new users. It's a win-win situation :). If it's not for you just remove it after few days and that's it.

    I'm waiting on your feedback! What can I change, add, fix etc. I'm open for suggestions.

    Link: http://go.esdroid.com/YoN
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  7. brylcio16

    brylcio16 Newbie
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    Hi droiders! :)
    I've developed an android game in 2015 and since then I've reached 2 mln downloads! It is really big success for me. App have change a lot since launch, so I would like to ask you for a review, feedback opinion.
    What is poorly implemented in app, what can I add to make it better? Maybe you encountered some crashes, ANRs etc? Every word from you means a lot to me :).

    Anyway, link:

    Thank you in advance,
  8. GG for your game brotha. Keep it up

Yes Or No - Funny Ask and Answ

Yes Or No - Funny Ask and Answ Forum


Yes Or No is a funny game and addicting game that gives awesome, unusual way to spend your free time (or when bored) and also to laugh or learn something curious! It's a simple yes or no game, where you answer questions by clicking Yes or No button. Fun games (and funny games as well) like Yes Or No are really rare. Install and check it out! You don't lose anything - game is absolutely free :) ★★ Features ★★ ✔ Hundreds of Yes or No questions ✔ Frequently updated with more content ✔ Submit your own yes or No questions ✔ Completely free to play ✔ View real time statistics on what option (yes or No) was more popular ✔ Family friendly questions making it the perfect app for all ages. ✔ Compete with other players to be on the TOP of the ranking ✔ One of the most funny games in your life Answer questions such as:
- Have you ever had a dream that came true? - Do you know, that most of the people don't shave their armpits? - Do you know, that most of the people have low self-esteem? - Do you like making people laugh? - Have you ever used a dating app before? - Have you ever play the game Truth or Dare before? - Do you like fun games? - Are you enjoying funny games? Stats shows you how many people also answered on this question and how. Game is very funny and many of our users think that this game is in top 10 in their very fun games list! It's not end. The most awesome thing is that you can add your own Yes or No questions into the game! Then you can see how other people (including kids) answer on your questions, so you will be able to share it with your friends :) You can play in this game when you are bored, when you are in school, with your crush or friends or even family. It's really really fun game (one of the most fun games in fact)! Also it's an awesome girl game - we see that a lot of our users are girls! Thank you - really, you all are awesome! Another fun thing is that you can try to predict which option will be greater. You can find very good questions in our game, because every question is moderate by our people. Keep it in mind when you will add your own Yes or No question. This fun game gives you a lot of questions. Good graphics and interface are not the only advantages! Check out this really fun Yes or No game now :) - Choose your preferences and see how many people will do the same as you! - Are you sure, that you will do things that you are asking in app? Or maybe you chickened out? - If you will answer on all questions, you can always add your own Yes or No question to see what other people will answer! - You are totally anonymous in answered questions like an asked questions! Only percentages matters. So you don't need to worry about anything. What option would you rather pick? Play in one of our most fun games now to find out! Feedback is always appreciated. Have fun! :) Question games are great to improve your imagination and read skill. One of such a question games is Yes Or No - fun games when your bored! You can as well send question answer it, and - laugh from jokes! Perfect game when you're bored :). 1. INTERNET CONNECTION IS NEEDED TO PLAY THIS GAME!
2. You are totally ANONYMOUS in this game, so you don't need to worry that someone will track you or will find out what did you answer. We do not store such information on our server. We only stores a sum of answers not a specific answers itself. Please keep it in mind.
3. If you don't want to answer on some Yes or No questions you don't need to. If you think that some of questions are too personal or hurts you just click skip button in top right corner.
Please keep this points in mind installing and rating this game, because we tried to do everything to satisfy you and to make this game good, fun and educational for you

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