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Support Yet another battery issue thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hackdroot, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. hackdroot

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    May 2, 2010

    May 2, 2010
    So rather than continue to hijack the thread I did yesterday, I thought I'd start my own, in addition to seeking some help.

    So here was the story yesterday:

    "Pulled my phone off charger @ 9am.

    Made 2 phone calls (about 5 mins worth)

    Sent four text messages.

    And browsed for about 3 minutes.

    it's 5:00 and I'm at 20%.

    I've removed everything from all the screens except icons and my Beautiful Widgets clock/weather widget.

    Turned off GPS, auto-sync, etc, etc...

    Brightness set to Auto.

    I've hardly used the damn thing today and it already needs charging.

    At his rate, I might as well have a Damn TracFone. :mad:


    So after posting that, I decided to run down the street to the Verizon store. I explained the situation to the rep and after damn near 10 minutes fumbling on the computer, he went and got me a new battery. Now, when I went into the store my battery was at 20%.

    After putting in the new battery and powering up the phone, it was still at 20%. Now I know these baterries are not stored fully charged, thats bad for them, but they come partially charged.

    I mention this to the rep, who seemed like he really didn't want to be there helping me in the first place.

    I state: "Hmm, the battery indicator is still at 20%"
    Rep: "Yeah, the new batteries come with half a charge usually"
    Me: "half a charge 'eh... half, like say... 50%...... Not 20%"
    Rep: "Well, I'm no math major, but yeah 20% is not 50%"

    At this point I wanted to punch him, but common sense prevailed. I agreed to go home and charge it and see how it worked. I'll know by tomorrow afternoon I suppose. I've just removed the Clock/Weather widget as well, so there isn't much left to turn off, besides the phone itself.


    Fast forward to today, with my new battery, and it's pretty much the same story. 5:30pm and it's at 20%. The phone has been idle for most of the day. The display is pretty much stripped of anything besides icons. Nothing is enabled, nothing is auto syncing. Screen timeout set to 1 minute, GPS off, BT off, WiFi on, etc.....etc.....

    Battery use, as reported by stock app is:

    64% Display (set to auto brightness, but the display hasn't really been active much for the last two days)

    20% Voice Calls (I've made about three calls lasting less than 2 minutes each)

    13% Cell Standby

    4% Phone idle

    Is there any way to see whats actually consuming my battery? Maybe a better app than the stock one.

    How do you hard reset the phone (suggested in another thread)?


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