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Yet another review... leaked 2.1 on cliq

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by taudronis, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. taudronis

    taudronis New Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 10, 2010
    Alrighty, so it seems most all of the reviews on this subject are video reviews, and who wants to sit through that... or worse, be stuck listening to it at work? At least this way, you can look like you're still working.

    I followed this tutorial to install: Thread here

    Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you how to get your phone to be recognized in vista / win 7. I'm using win 7-64, and was frustrated until I remembered how I got my midi devices to work with pro tools. YOU MUST RUN RSD-LITE AS ADMINISTRATOR! You'll notice the shortcut doesn't have that option, so you have to navigate to the program directory and right click on the exe file and select "run as administrator". The reason? serial-type hardware communication is blocked unless you run the software trying to communicate as administrator.

    Ok, so down to the specifics of the phone when upgraded.

    First, let me say that I learned the hard way back up everything before you upgrade. Why? Because apparently your moto-blur account gets deleted, and needs to be recreated.

    When I upgraded, I freaked right the hell out because I couldn't create a new account, nor login to my old one. I tried EVERYTHING (except patience). It took a few hours, but then finally my phone let me create a new motoblur account. (it looked like some sort of reset needed to happen on the server end). Also, I tried logging into the phone during this down period with another moto account, and the blur website then removed that login, then I rebooted the second phone (with that account on it) and magically, the account re-appeared on blur. (this in my mind confirms the server reset)

    So, why upgrade to 2.1? Is it really better?

    Um... yeah... well, more like HELL YEAH.

    The phone works much more quickly, and I love the functionality. Let's take it point by point:

    First, the obvious security gimmick. Yes, it has the pattern security (in addition to security code), but I'm not a fan as someone can just look at your finger streak on the screen to see what your pattern is. Also, if your work uses an exchange email server (as mine does), it requires a code anyway, so whatever on the pattern thingy.

    Next, the music player. You gotta love the automatic lyrics on the screen for your mp3s... yep, you too can be that annoying guy walking down the street thinking he's a karaoke star. But seriously, it's vastly superior. The sound quality is improved, volume levels go up louder, there is internet radio functionality, and device wireless syncing. Pretty badass, and it works great

    3) Free navigation? Yep. Google navigation is included, and I've tested it extensively. I actually like it a great deal more than telenav, and... wait for it... it's free!!!

    4) Kindle finally is viewable! I don't know about you, but I read a lot of e-books, and was really frustrated that when the kindle software came out, my store on 1.6 couldn't find it... the new store interface found it no problem, and it looks great. (probably not relevant to you, but I thought it was cool)

    5) the graphic keyboard (the same one apparently as the cliq xt) now has speech recognition that works really well. I sent several texts while driving just by talking at my phone. Absolutely rad.

    6) stability... with 1.6, I had to restart my phone daily... and sometime several times a day because weird things would happen if I didn't (like not being able to answer my phone... or cancel the call, it would just sit and ring and ring, and all that would show is the login screen... no caller ID -- let me tell you, that was AWESOME in meetings). I've had 2.1 running for almost a week now, no restarts, and no problems that are that severe.

    Now for the cons:

    1) The cliq is just a really poor phone in general. It's inferior processor speed means you'll be getting warnings about maxing out your cpu often. Luckilly, this doesn't crash the phone, but if you're running music, and nav, then someone calls... you'll notice the slowdown. Of course, this isn't a 2.1 problem... it's a motorolla released a crappy hardware design problem.

    2) moto's facebook app. the updates are weird, and not always in order. it's definitely glitchy... I'd just download the ACTUAL facebook app from the market, and replace it.

    3) volume... I know, I listed it as a plus up above, but sometimes the speaker is cranked up so loud for a good ringtone, that basic system noises (like plugging your phone into power) will make you need to change your shorts... it's at least 2x louder now.

    That's it... that's all I've found so far. All in all, I'd definitely say it's worth the upgrade, and the big middle finger to the moto people...


  2. qlic714

    qlic714 Member

    Jan 25, 2010
    ive had the leaked 2.1 for a couple weeks and most of its fine...
    ive noticed some apps dont work and i beleive its a problem with the phone and i have also had trouble texting sometimes, when i go to reply sometimes the phone wont read my input either on the physical pad or on the touch pad..gets annoying but i hope we get a permanent update.
  3. kichoufumetsu

    kichoufumetsu Member

    Mar 6, 2010
    i'm digging 2.1 a lot on my cliq. i installed it just shortly after it leaked onto here, then i went back to a rooted, and a custom rom. then back here yesterday. i do REALLY like the 2.1 upgrade, it's awesome. but i didn't like that i lost my wifi tether. i used it a lot when i realized what it was. i'm thinking of going back to rooted and a custom rom, so i can cruise down the road while my co-pilot scans the web for...whatever the hell she's doing.
    i'd stick with 2.1 if i could have my free tether.

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