You *can* use ICS Voice Typing with Swiftkey, sort of . . .


Android Enthusiast
A lot of us Nexus users would LOVE to use the new ICS voice typing feature while still using Swiftkey, preferably built right in as the default voice entry implementation. This is something SK is looking into (as far as I know, there are no third party keyboards which have implemented this feature, I suspect it is an API issue). But, in the meantime, I finally realized there is a way you can use the nifty voice typing without giving up SK as your default keyboard (for some of you, this will be a "well, of course", but maybe some of you out there are like me and didn't figure this out):

When you enter a typing situation and SK comes up, you have that keyboard icon in your notification bar. If you pull that down, and press "Select Input Method", then press "Google voice typing", it will immediately pull up the mic and start listening and typing as you speak. Then, when you are done, it goes right back to SK!

I had never tried this because my concern had been that by doing this you were somehow DE-selecting SK as your default input method and going back to stock ICS, and would have to go back and reset it. But, no, it keeps SK as your default and the next time you have text to enter, SK comes right up.

So, while it would be better to have it built right in as the SK voice entry and save two taps, you actually can use SK and the new ICS voice typing at the same time.