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You guys must live in some dust-free utopia... (screen protector fail)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MisterMixelpix, May 24, 2010.

  1. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I failed at this shit AGAIN. I sat with my Wrapsol with tape for a solid 30 minutes, trying to get all the little dust flecks out from under it, and it could NOT do it. I'm at my wit's end. Now the thing looks like shit because I've got fingerprints on the sticky side that will NOT go away and there's so many particles I can't possibly get rid of them.

    It's like within the time it takes me to stick the first two corners down and flatten the rest, dust gets under there. Then when I pick it up again to get that off, more settles on the screen AND on the now exposed sticky surface. I finally got it all lined up and bubble free, turned it on and BAM there's little rainbow circles where tiny flecks were hidden from me. Another 15 minutes and now it looks like pure ass. I took it off and put it back in the bag.

    What the HELL do I do now? :mad:

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  2. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    Go to Best Buy and have them do it for like $5.. They're good at it and they will deal with the hastles for you until it's perfect :D
  3. MooN

    MooN Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha. Just go naked man.
  4. Musky

    Musky Android Expert

    I feel your pain. I bought a three pack of Verizon's screen protectors and completely ruined the first one trying to get it on. It looked like crap when it was finished.

    Then my 22 yr old Daughter-in law came by and in the middle of my dirty garage, after dusting the screen with a soft cloth. installed the 2nd one for me using a credit card to smooth out the bubbles.

    It looks great with no dust and no bubbles!

    My advice, find some kid to do it for you! :D
  5. nightfishing

    nightfishing Android Enthusiast

    The steamy bathroom trick works for the dust.

    If you are very anal (like I am) it can be tricky. I usually end up tossing attempt #1 on most devices due to trying to be perfect. I can usually get #2 dead on perfect (after a sedative or two)

    In the end, small imperfections often (a) go away with time and (b) aren't nearly as annoying/noticeable in 2 weeks as they are at first.
  6. jwm2

    jwm2 Android Expert

    Sounds like you are attempting your install in a morgue! Try this instead.

    Clean off the entire screen as best you can. Mostly trying to get smudges off if you have them, but also removing the dust in the process.

    Then remove just 1/8th of the backing on the screen protector. Clean off the first 1/8 - 1/6th of the screen where it needs to be applied and then apply that section to the screen.

    Clean the next section to be applied on the screen and then apply the screen protector alittle further.

    Keep repeating the above steps until its completed. If you find bubbles and dust, then try to work them out with the card they include but be sure to have the top layer of film still applied so you don't scratch the screen protector.

    If there is dust under it keeping it from laying flat then lift up the film and apply the tape to the screen AND press the screen protector down on it. (You need a rolled up peice of tape to do this) then reapply. Just keep at it until all the bubbles and dust are out of it. I had to do it about 6 times before i got it 100% perfect, but eventually it was perfect. Now if i had to do this again i would shoot myself, but thats another story.
  7. jwm2

    jwm2 Android Expert

    Also be sure to apply the screen protector in a sweeping motion to make sure all the air bubbles are out. If an air bubble does form pull it back up and reapply it. So basically the screen protector will form an L as you are applying it to the screen (without a crease of course).
  8. fortesquieu

    fortesquieu Android Expert

    Do it in a steamy bathroom, that eliminates most of the dust in the air.
  9. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Android Expert

    humidity helps. i put on a steinheil crystal clear today and it came out perfect. i would have steamed up the bathroom with a hot shower but it's kinda humid here already today. i got it on perfect. not a single imperfection.
  10. thejoker

    thejoker Newbie

    Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. The first attempt usually gets rid of all the remaining dust :p
  11. mmfusco

    mmfusco Newbie

    If you have dust issues you can apply it in the bathroom after you get it good and steamy by running the hot water for awhile. This will get all of the dust out of the air but for some reason the incredible screens does seem to attract dust more so then my MOTO droid did. Like others have said keep the backing on and expose about 1/4 an inch and make sure there are no air bubbles and continue to removing the backing and slowly applying the protectors. Credit cards can help but if you are applying one like a zagg you have to be careful because the will stretch. I however don't like when best buy applies them I have had no luck with them placing them without bubbles... I am very very picky about them though.

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  12. gorenut

    gorenut Well-Known Member

    I used 90% rubbing alcohol first on the screen to wipe off any oils, etc. Just a little bit of it. Then I applied mine in a steamy bathroom. Any specks I noticed after application, I lift up the protector and removed with tape. Took 2 tries in about 15 minutes, but mine is on as perfect as it'll get.
  13. TokedUp

    TokedUp Android Enthusiast

    steamy room trick works.
  14. reflekt2099

    reflekt2099 Newbie

    i couldn't help but laugh while i was reading your first post. but i do feel some sympathy for you and your failure to apply a screen protector.

    - remove the battery from the phone
    - use windex, spray lightly and clean the screen off
    - get a can of compressed air and blow the screen until all particles are gone.
    - right after you have used the compressed air on the screen, lightly spray the screen with windex
    - then lightly spray the screen protector (the sticky side) with windex
    - apply the screen protector, slide it around until in place
    - use a squeegee to push the bubbles out. use light and quick motions to squeegee out the bubbles.
    - try not to get any of the windex to seep into the phone
    - wait for the screen protector and phone to dry
    - wait even longer to make sure the phone is dry (windex dries quickly) (consider using a hair dryer)
    - after you are sure the phone is completely dry, put battery in and power on the phone
    - pray that there isn't any moisture left over that would damage the phone (or make sure you have insurance)
    - if phone is operating property, voila, your screen protector has been applied without any bubbles/lint/particles/dust.
  15. tluv00

    tluv00 Android Enthusiast

    That's why I like the Zagg. The spray it comes with helps to prevent fingerprints on the sticky side and the bubbles go away itself. I use Swype and the "tackiness" doesn't bug me one bit.
  16. Mskgreenel

    Mskgreenel Android Enthusiast

    Make sure you turn your fan off & clean the area/surface that you are working on.

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