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[You may not know] 4 uses of flash on Smartphone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Thanhthanh, Mar 1, 2021.

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    In the modern technology era, the smartphone is an indispensable object of every person in life. The phone is integrated with many different convenient features for daily life and work.
    In particular, one of the simple and convenient tools is the LED flash on your phone:
    1. Make night lights
    Flashlight is an essential tool in current life, you will find it extremely difficult to live, work, read, search for objects in dimly lit places.
    With built-in camera LED flash and providing light in just one touch. Flash makes your phone more useful and turns it into one of the lighting tools in your life.
    The above highlights, LEDs also have various utility effects such as:
    Flashlight lights up your night when there is a power outage.
    Find your key in the dark.
    Flashlight helps you to light up the road or objects that fall out at night.
    Read a book at night with flash.
    Take your pet for an evening walk.
    Save yourself in an emergency situation with SOS light.
    2. Light assist when taking pictures
    The flash is an LED light usually mounted next to the camera on a phone. When taking a photo in low light with the flash on, this LED bulb will flash to add more brightness to the photo.
    The light from the LED bulb is so large that the flashlight function has been programmed to flash only at the right moment when the camera is shooting, not causing discomfort to the photographer. With Flashlight - Built-in Super Bright Flashlight 2021 always works with LED light to make it easy to take clear pictures in low light
    3.. The distance from the flash to the illuminated subject
    The distance from the flash to the subject is the maximum possible distance from the flash to the subject to ensure that the subject is well-lit. The light from the LED light cannot reach subjects located further than this distance, and the image will be underexposed as a result.
    Flashlight - Super Bright Flashlight 2021 with Camera View: makes it easier for your device to shine further, in areas out of sight. With positions too high or too low, you won't have to worry about insufficient lighting. Flashlight makes it easy to fix this.
    4. Flash a dance floor flash to get the air going
    You're in a really exciting place, like being on the field watching a football match, at a birthday party with your friends or at a company party ... and want to attend In addition to the vibrant atmosphere, you can turn the flash on your smartphone into a dance floor flash to help stir up the surrounding atmosphere.
    To use this, you can use an app called Flashlight - Super Bright Flashlight 2021. This is a free application that will turn the flash on / off according to the tune of a track or at your option user. You can fire up the app and bring it up to make a highlight while sitting in the football field or while attending a party. With many different flash modes for you to choose and use, to suit your preferences.
    ON CHARGE are ways to take advantage of the flash on your Smartphone. The LED light with simple interface, elegant design, quick start helps you to use the built-in camera LED flash and provides light on the device. With just a small phone, the Flashlight helps you to light up anywhere, anytime.

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    I created a channel for your app. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
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