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Your 4G speed?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leapps, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. leapps

    leapps Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm in Dallas and this is how fast my access is(couldn't post screenshot, new poster) my 4g got 11.34mb/s download and 5.37 upload. what are the best speeds you get and where? I couldn't believe the 4g beat the wifi which was 5.34 down and 3.46 up.

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  2. DQScott95

    DQScott95 Well-Known Member

    At my house in Sac I get around 200kbs down and around 3mb up sometimes my down drops to around 100kbs when I'm at school I get about 4mb down and 5mb up
  3. blaze420916

    blaze420916 Android Expert

    I'm in west sac and get 4mb dl and 3mbps ul
  4. OhhSoActive

    OhhSoActive Newbie

    In Los Angeles i get about 4mb down and 5mb up.
  5. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

  6. anubispax

    anubispax Well-Known Member

    Here in North Jersey I'm averaging 5mbs down, close to 6mbs up, 117 ping. May not be Verizon fast but faster than the DSL I have at work and fast enough for me.
  7. Prepaidguy9081

    Prepaidguy9081 Android Enthusiast

    Nw florida
    120ish ping
    5.5mbps down
    1.5mbps up
    Straight talk on hdpa+ with a tmo note ii with wcdma tho my att st sim may not be using it.
  8. pl4life52

    pl4life52 Android Enthusiast


    127 Ping
    7095 Down
    4596 Up
  9. Androidconda

    Androidconda Newbie

    Test Date: Dec 26, 2012 1:22:10 am
    Connection Type: Lte
    Server: Tulsa, OK
    Download: 8.44 Mbps
    Upload: 3.05 Mbps
    Ping: 99 ms

    In New York here!
  10. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    Hope everyone enjoyed there Christmas but check the gift metro gave me. I'm at families house & just convinced almost everybody it's not GhettroPOS anymore, some of my cousins i like to call the sprint clique said they might even switch from sprint, that was the whole reason I did a speedtest was to show them I dont get 3megs down anymore
  11. Diego1593

    Diego1593 Android Enthusiast

    My 4G speeds in Dallas Texas!:)
  12. LimonKay

    LimonKay Newbie

    I'm from Hamtramck (Suburb of Detroit)

    At home I get receive 700~ kbps, at work/school about 4mbps.
  13. Prepaidguy9081

    Prepaidguy9081 Android Enthusiast

    Anywhere between 1200kbps and 9000kbps at home down and 600kbps to 2000kbps up.

    Thats on straight talk with no proxy on att

    On proxy it maxes at 24000kbps

    When im throttled off poxy max down is 120kbps and up is 20kbps off proxy

    On proxy when throttled is 1-2kbps down and 0kbps up.

    This is all on h+

    This is in the nw florida area

    Using the same speed test app pictured above.
  14. twogbsd

    twogbsd Android Expert

    When I'm in north sac i get like 0.50MB dl and 1 - 2MB upload :( Y u no be faster?!
  15. blaze420916

    blaze420916 Android Expert

    North side sucks lol where in sac are you?
  16. twogbsd

    twogbsd Android Expert

    I live in Auburn but visit my mom Sac. She is not too far from Watt and Karl.
  17. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Android Expert

    Ok, I guess this is as good a place for me to whine as anywhere. ;)

    I mentioned in another thread coming back from getting activated last Sunday and I think Id-ing the Metro tower near here. As soon as I got to the tower the bars pegged but by the time I got the 3/4 of a mile to my place they were hovering between 1-2. Well, that's where they've stayed and my data speed is somewhat erratic varying between 2-4.5 Mps. No where near the righteous figures some are showing but quite a bit better than my Verizon 3G.

    So tonight I happen to be at the Burger King on the exit North of the tower.
    So now I'm about 1/3 the distance to the tower as my place. Bingo Bango. Up goes the bars to 3-4 and the first 3 speed tests were all right at the Best I've seen at my place.


    Somedays you're the windshield, somedays you're the bug.

    Bruce in Ocala, FL
  18. leapps

    leapps Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It seems like Dallas is getting pretty good speed. I guess mainly because the corporate office is located here. But I know there are some places where I can only get 2 down and most places around 11 down .
  19. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    Many factors affect speed, amount of spectrum(Bandwidth), where a tower is located, type of tower, tower equipment & amount of people on that tower.

    All I can say is Dallas & i believe Las Vegas have the most spectrum of all markets so they should have the best speeds & so far through speed test they have shown to have the highest speeds. But if anything is wrong with 1 of those factors above, speeds will dramatically decrease.
  20. MrHerbDaily

    MrHerbDaily Well-Known Member

    I'm in the San Fernando Valley and getting pretty slow 4g speed for some reason. Download was 2.1mb Mbps and upload was 2.7mb ;T
  21. johnnyolivares

    johnnyolivares Android Enthusiast

    In what part? I'm in LA and I get less than 1mb down and 1mb upload
  22. Ray305

    Ray305 Well-Known Member

    Red: Homestead area
    Blue: Near Dolphin mall

    I also flashed PRL 2032

  23. jmarsh667

    jmarsh667 Newbie

    In the Detroit Area (North of it about 30 miles) and I'm getting about 5 mbps down and 5 mbps up at my house also at 3mhz spectrum at my home
  24. robertcmusic

    robertcmusic Lurker

    Am i blessed or what? I just love metro pcs. I cant complain

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  25. cjbandroid

    cjbandroid Member

    I have tested in south PB County Fl, and Volusia County Fl.

    Up in Volusia - usually most places I can get about 4.5mb/3.5mb

    Down in PB - was getting about .6mb/.4mb up to 2.5mb/2.5mb, depending on locale.

    did an upgrade on PRL and I'm doing 8.5mb/6.5mb from my office, which was one of the best spots for 4G that I found in these parts. Changing the PRL definitely helped.

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