Your Best Software and Settings for Blu-Ray Movies on Transformer


Please share the name of the software and settings that you used to encode Blu-Ray movies for your Transformer. I am interest in the highest quality that you have been able to play successfully on the Transformer....especially from the SDHC card.

I have used most of the encoding software packages out there and am now using DVDCatalyst. I don't have my Transformer yet, but I tried DVDCatalyst on a movie last night and was surprised at the quality I got from the "Xoom Fast" profile when shown on my 55" HDTV. The file was almost 2GB and the quality was better than a regular DVD.

I have been experimenting with the Xoom profiles because I expect they will work for the Transformer also.

I am ripping the Blu-Rays with DVDFab and then encoding the m2ts file with DVD Catalyst.

EDIT: Is there a 2GB limit on the files that can be played from the SDHC?


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EDIT: Is there a 2GB limit on the files that can be played from the SDHC?

Hi Chinook,

The 2GB limit is regarding the formatting of the SDHC card. Most of them are formatted as Fat32, which has a limit of 2GB. While some Windows versions can handle up to 4GB on them, many devices can only work with 2GB on it. If you copy the files to internal memory, there really is no limit. I played 14GB files on my Xoom without issues.

As for your settings, the Xoom profiles work great for the transformer (specs are mostly the same), but for your bluray rips, I would not suggest to use the "Fast" profile. The HQ1 or HQ2 profiles produce better quality.

For best results with your blurays, update to the dvdcat beta, if your rips of DVDfab are full bluray folders, or if you have something like DVDfab Passkey for Bluray or AnyDVD HD, dvdcat beta can handle bluray directly. Check the latest news section on my website for more info on that.