Help "Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available."


I have two both was sealed when I bought them.

I wanted to see if MultiView was available. I check Software Update and I get a message saying, "Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available."

Both are Rogers, I unlocked the Grey and it's Normal and the White is still locked. Again, I don't know how to Root or do any of that Custom ROM but for what ever reason the status say it's Modified.



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Have you trying to resetting your phone?

If you will do this, make sure you have backed-up your data, and remove your microSD card, to prevent erasure.

Hope this works for you.


i just tried to see if updates were available here in australia for the s3 as i got JB for the note 10.1 last night. My phone says the same thing and i havent rooted it either...resetting the phone does nothing. Anyone got a solution?


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Power off the phone. Remove the microSD card from the phone. Power the phone on.

Now try to do the update. There are a few users who are getting this strange bug with the microSD inserted. When they removed it, everything works fine. No explanation why this is happening.

Hopefully this works for you. By any chance, are you using a 64GB SDXC card?

Edit: you can test to see if the microSD is the culprit. With it inserted, go to Settings>About>Status. Scroll all the way down and look at phone status. It should say Normal. If it says Modified, then the microSD card might be the issue. Power off the phone, remove the card and power back on. Check the phone status again. If it says Normal, then it's definitely the card.


i got it to work...i removed the battery to get the serial number so i could email samsung. was on the phone to them and then checked it and said it was ok.

my memory card is a whooooooooole other problem...32gig class 4 that wont transfer full tv series, just some of the episodes and the photos dont always save...piece of crap!