Root (Your experiences) most stable/fastest 2.2 / 2.3 AOSP roms?


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Hey folks,

Most of you probably don't know me.

If you do, Hi :)

Back story (brief) Fiance has a Hero, I rooted it ages ago to unlock it from orange.

She has been running FroydVillain 1.7.2 for some time now. She finds even OC'd to 709Mhz, some actions take a lot of time to complete so I wan't to try some other roms.

The problem is I am not so familiar with the hero scene and as its not my Handset, I can't keep chopping and changing the rom.

It doesn't matter if its 2.2 or 2.3 to her (although I would prefer she is on 2.3). Sense is irrelevant, only really interested in AOSP roms.

Not interested in CM itself, but CM based, possibly.

What do you recommend? What do you find fast and stable?

Froyd battery life is brilliant so as long as whatever I choose is comparable, all is good.

Many thanks in advance


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I'm a fan of the Elelinux ROMs, and his current 7.1.0-Hero-v2.3 ROM (using the 2.3.4 base) is very good. Tbh though it's pushing the Hero's hardware to the limit, so your good lady may find it less sprightly than her current ROM. No harm in giving it a run-out though... that's why God invented nandroid. :)


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Indeedio. Thanks for that Slug. Definitely will not go back to eclair. What about other 2.2 roms?