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Your favorite ROM/Kernel combination?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sintricate, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. sintricate

    sintricate Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've just recently ventured into the custom ROM/kernel thing. I've only tried a few and I'd like to know what you guys feel are the best for you.

    I know everyone will have different answers as certain ROMs will fill certain needs and everyone is different.

    As far as ROMs go, I've only used Fresh and CM6. I was on fresh w/ netarchy-toastmod- CFS for about 2 weeks and I felt it was very stable and my battery life was great I just flashed CM6 today and I'm not sure how long I'll be on it since it (obviously) doesn't include 4G and I'm in a 4G city. Having said that, I have improved my quadrant score by about 700pts using CM6 w/ snap 7.6 turbo.

    What are you guys running and why?

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  2. My current combo is my favorite: Myn's Warm TwoPointTwo + Kings #11 kernel. I'm VERY new to rooting, so I can't say I've tried much, but I quickly took a liking to this over Fresh. The interface is very nice and clean, the new font is slick, the battery indicator includes %age, and it is very snappy. After just a couple of days with the combo, battery life seems to be good. Myn's thread on his ROM is very comprehensive as far as what features it has.

    4G does work, so you might look in to it.
  3. tmwilsoniv

    tmwilsoniv Well-Known Member

    I will most respectfully play devil's advocate. Do you really care enough about your quadrant score to forfeit your 4G connection? How important will that score be to you when you're running low on juice mid afternoon and remember that your backup battery is at home on the charger?

    I'm running your first setup, Fresh w/ Netarchy cfs Fresh Compatible probably for the same reasons you were. It's fast, smooth as silk, and has ridiculously good battery performance.
  4. sintricate

    sintricate Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Trust me, 4G is much more important to me than a quadrant score, I just wanted to see what all the cyanogen hype was all about. Its not bad but I won't be on it for long knowing that I'm paying $10 a month for 4g. I'm just looking to see what's out there.

    I'll probably wind up going back to the fresh netarchy combo soon enough.
  5. Putty

    Putty Android Expert

    I am running Myn's 2.2 also, but I am running the HTC 11 kernel...I often switch to Baked Snacks Kernel 6 to see the diff...#6 has great standby time, but under use it drains pretty quickly. HTC 11 is great at both. I also have the battery tweak running as of yesterday. So far so good there.
    For instance...i fully charged my phone today and unplugged it...It's still at 100% and it's been 20 mins or so.
  6. aznmode

    aznmode Android Enthusiast

  7. cremona

    cremona Newbie

    Was on Baked snacks 1.7-8 for a while with several kernels. Tried cm6 once and didnt like it initially. Now im back to it and enjoying it more. Seems to be the fastest and Im kind of liking the lack of sense. I always felt like sense was the issue with lag, even though it was kind of convenient. Everything feels so smooth.
  8. SMC333

    SMC333 Newbie

    evozone calkuins. with kings11 is money
  9. wake69

    wake69 Android Expert

    vael pak king 11
  10. I Like Soup

    I Like Soup Newbie

    My first foray in to using custom ROMS was using flipz's Fresh. It was smooth and stable. About a week and a half ago, I decided to try another custom ROM, Myn's Warm TwoPointTwo. It is very pleasing to the eye, snappy, and the battery life is much better than what I was experiencing with Fresh and netarchy kernals. I'll be trying out some different kernels to see how they work with TwoPointTwo...good luck!
  11. ExSaint

    ExSaint Android Enthusiast

    See my sig. Love that combo. Within 6 hours off the Charger I'm at 89% with moderate usuage. Heavy usage will be at 60%.
  12. novarider

    novarider Android Enthusiast

    I'm running azreal2.2 with kings#11cfs. This is a very stable rom and its pretty fast. I have tried almost every rom out and this one is one of the best
  13. ceabbott2

    ceabbott2 Well-Known Member

    Hey wake69. Forgive me for asking what is vael pak? I think I know kings #11

  14. wase4711

    wase4711 Android Expert

    remember, you are NOT paying $10 a month for 4G; you are paying $10 a month to own an EVO..

    Frankly, I dont miss my 4G at all, since wifi is so much faster, and I have access to wifi most of the day, in my office..
    CM6 just kills every other ROM...Sense is just boring as hell...
  15. vmrchitect

    vmrchitect Member

    Miui, 10.15...Since I cant afford the iphone plan, this is almost as good!
  16. tmwilsoniv

    tmwilsoniv Well-Known Member

    I have been looking into this ROM. I'm curious about the battery performance. Do the kernels for this ROM play well with SetCPU?
    Also, I read on XDA that it has an equalizer for headphones - bluetooth etc. Will this work with playback of streaming audio (non-mp3)?
  17. wrapkgb

    wrapkgb Android Expert

    Im running Fresh 3.3 with the HTC #11 with smooth sense and couldn't be happier. Smooth and fast enough for me!
  18. It comes with the stock kernel which will play well with SetCPU. One of the recommended kernels is the King's #11 (in my signature) and it also works just fine with SetCPU and is the kernel that I would recommend, having tried 4 different ones.

    There is an independent equalizer setting for the audio out, bluetooth, and the built-in speaker, which effects all audio playing through each of these methods.
  19. goodboy

    goodboy Well-Known Member

    I'm running the same Rom and Kernel as you, but I'm curious to know if you're using the battery tweak that was mentioned on the ROMs post on XDA? Or perhaps using SetCPU as well?
  20. I'm not using the battery tweak, but I am using SetCPU. I really only have a profile for screen off and less than 30%. The tweak has to have a kernel with perf lock disabled and I have done zero legwork to see which ones qualify.

    After a battery wipe and 1 cycle on the battery, the Myn + King #11 combo lasts quite well with my use (good amount of games/emails/texts/internet).
  21. tmwilsoniv

    tmwilsoniv Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the information. I think I'll have a go at it.
  22. lite blue

    lite blue Well-Known Member

    using backed snack 1.7, thinking I of trying fresh 3.2 or warm 2.2 for a change. I use titanium back up for aps and data.how do you guys back up bookmarks? also for those using warm 2.2 did you flash all the other stuff such a fonts, swype, launcher pro ect....
  23. slugbug

    slugbug Well-Known Member

    I use warm's rom and yes - I did dowload all the add-ons, but I haven't flashed all of them. I wanted to have there there in case I want to try one them. I have tried the boot animations and 2 of the kernels.

    I wasn't sure how people backed up their settings such as bookmarks, etc and I want to do a full wipe soon (phone is lagging, I think it's just from messing around with so many various kernels, etc). I have Tititanium but also installed My Backup Pro ($4.99 from the market) to backup eveything else. I hope it works :thinking:
  24. I'm wondering what will be good when Fresh 3.4 gets popular

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