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Your memory usage

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by blindman13, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. blindman13

    blindman13 Member
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    Hey guys I just wanted to see if my photon managed my background apps the same as everyone elses. I don't use any kind of app killer and never stop any apps from running.
    But there are just some things running that are always running that make me wonder. This is my normal daily list:

    Settings - 15mb (0s) gets larger with everyday until I reboot
    Music - 5.4mb (53hr)
    Battery Solo Widget - 5.4mb (53hr)
    Data Manager Service - 3mb (53hr) ?
    com.sprint.internal - 1.4mb (53hr) ?
    Sticky note - 3mb (53hr)
    Weather - 13mb (53hr)
    Google Services - 12mb (53hr)
    Suggestions Poll Scheduler - 4.5mb (resets every 45 min) ?
    Gallery - 4.4mb (18hr)
    World Clock - 3.5mb (53hr)
    Calendar - 6mb (53hr)
    Motorola Dock Service - 1.9mb (53hr) turns on when I open the leg, never closes
    BluetoothDun - 1.7mb (53hr) ?
    Smart Device Manager - 2.1mb (53hr) ?
    Global Unplug - 1.4mb (53hr) ?
    Voicemail - 5mb (53hr)
    Maps - 5.4mb (53hr)
    Multitouch keyboard - 20mb (53hr) this too gets larger every day until a reboot

    On a fresh reboot my free ram is like 400+ and like 250+ used. But as the days go on the numbers switch sides, like now im 53hr and the numbers are 300+ used and 350+ free. Is everyone else pretty much having the same behaviors? Thanks.

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