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Your most embarrassing moment(s)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Stannis the Mannis, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Stannis the Mannis

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    In this thread we'll share some of the most embarrassing moments we've experienced, it's jut meant for a good laugh. :D Now for many people getting caught fapping is the most embarrassing but if we have everyone posting that then the thread won't be very interesting, so try and post something else even if that is the most embarrassing moment for you.

    For me one of the most embarrassing moments would have to be back in HS, so around 2006/07. Throughout the whole week me and my friends had been daxing each other so we all kept guard when we were around each other, but during recess I was talking to a friend of mine and out of nowhere my other friend pulls my pants down and the other friend recorded it. It was pretty embarrassing but they deleted the video and everything.

    Now the most embarrassing would have to be the first time I got wasted, I barely remember the night but when I woke up the next morning my friends told me that I asked my friend's mum if she wanted to fu... Haha. She knew I was just drunk and wasn't mad, in fact she found it funny but I was super embarrassed but at least I couldn't remember it. Though she wasn't the only person I asked that question to that night haha...

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  2. huh

    huh Android Expert

    def not my most embarrassing..but still funny..I still get teased about it. I was on a crowded shuttle van to the airport and I was kind of spacing out and all of the sudden I snapped back into awareness and yelled out the name of the airline we were taking for the driver because I realized I didn't tell him when we boarded the shuttle and he was stopping at others for other passangers...thought he was going to miss our terminal or something??haha anyway it's dead silent and out of nowhere I shout out "Piedmont" from the back of the shuttle.....and everyone just turns and looks at me and he says over the microphone..yes maam I know don't worry..we'll get you there! hahaha! my brother and a few friends I was with were dumbfounded ...then they start bursting out laughing because of course they told the driver when we first boarded our terminal stop..like all the other passengers did!

    they still call me "piedmont" when I do something spacey!
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