Your Opinion of the new Dual Core Androids?

So I had gotten a Droid 2 Global as of yesturday.....and Alot of people were telling me "WAIT FOR DUAL CORE"......but I dont really see the point?

I can't imagine they'd be taken advantage of correctly with the current Android OS version...and even then battery life would suffer it would seem.

So IMO is it worth waiting for? or kinda a gimmick. I mean I think it's cool, but The Droid Bionic isn't coming out till the summer it would


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The dual core design, in theory anyway, will actually improve battery life dramatically when the software becomes optimized for it (2.4). I would say it is probably worth it if you are a serious power user, otherwise I doubt the benefits will ever truly manifest themselves.


Dual Core would be great if the software/application has been optimized for it. So, I think, in near future, dual core would be a great processor for optimum cellphones usage.


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No. Android 2.3 isn't even out yet, and dual-core phones won't be fully taken advantage of until 2.4. I say there is probably a good year before dual-core phones are worth purchasing.

I don't think we'll see 2.3. Most manufacturers are probably going straight to 2.4 being the official gingerbread. I could be wrong though.


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Dual core benefits from apps or OSes that uses multiple threads.

Even if apps are single threaded, the other core can multitask on another app or OS process.

One of the important parts is the I/O.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread will fare better than Android 2.2 Froyo on dual core because the Gingerbread file system uses ext4 and that's multithreaded. Previous to that, Android file systems have used YAFFS which is single threaded.

2.4 Gingerbread sounds like we can see more threading within more OS functions.


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Personally, I would wait for the second generation of dual core chips for battery life. Performance will be better than single core obviously, but until we get down to the 28 nm production, I don't think you'll see any better battery life than a single core. It might even be better to stick with a single core in that instance for at least the first generation of dual cores.


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The Tegra 2 is 40nm.

NVIDIA Tegra 2

Personally, I'd wait for the dual core phones to come out before buying a new phone. They ay not be optimised at the time you get them, but slowly, apps and games will take advantage of the additional core. Unless you plan to upgrade again in 6 months, I'd recommend waiting...