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Your rooted. . .Now what?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lowki, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. lowki

    lowki Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This is a list of all the cool things I have found to do on my rooted samsung prevail. Feel free to add your own ideas as well. First and foremost, install Titanium Backup. This will back up all your applications and data(very important) to your sd card. I can not over state the importance of this step. This program as been a life saver switching between Roms. Link2SD is the one I would install next, it lets you more applications to your sd card to free up some of that all important internal memory. Don't move widgets, they won't work. go into setting and tell it to link all new apps to sd card and you will completely forget you have this app except how great it is. Side note, if you have not backed up your contacts to google, DO IT NOW. I won't go into how to do it but there are threads on it. If you do this you will never have to worry about loosing contacts or transferring them manually. Golauncher is a great application for personalizing the way your phone works and looks. Everything from transition effect between screens to the dock, icons and even the screen indicator( those little dots at the top of the screen that appear when you slide between screens. Yeah i know, who the hell thought you could or would want to change them, but tweaking your phone becomes an obsession). Go Keyboard will let you change the keyboard. Go sms will let you change the way the sms interface looks, you can even make it look and sound like an iphone if that is your thing. Go ahead and download gowidget, Go notification(puts a little red bubble at the top of phone icon and sms icon to tell you if u have missed calls or txt) and i have not played with it much but there is a plugin called golocker that lets you customize the way your lock screen looks and functions. Zedge is a great app for ringtones and wallpaper, but really i just use the ringtones( i have the Charlie Brown theme for my ringtone now). Tape-a-talk is a good voice recorder if you are in school and want to record classes. Desktop Visualizer is another really great way to cusomize screens and it works with go launcher. Just look it up, I can't even begin to describe what you can do with it. Its free, but some of the add ons will cost you, but I really think it was worth it after I bought them. the paid add-ons are dvr image crop, dvr image slice, and dvr size config tool. Wireless tether is what I use to get internet for free( i'm on boost, so check your data plan) I have streamed netflix and hulu with this. You can also secure the connection so no one steals bandwith. Keepsafe will let you hide all those naked pics from people with a password, and it takes it out of your gallery so you don't have to hold your breath everytime you open your gallery if ppl are around. Calengoo is the best calender I have found, and if you are like me and you want everything to be color coded, get this. DO NOT GET POCKET INFORMANT if you used it on an iphone or ipod. The port to android sucks and it is not the same program. Bought it because I used it on ipod, like $10, and i was so pissed when i got it on android, besides calengoo is free and better. 3D digital clock for that great clock widget with weather.
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    Hope this helps those who don't know what to do next. I just got on android this year and after I flashed a new ROM i had no idea what to do next.

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  2. SpCowboy2842

    SpCowboy2842 Android Enthusiast

    I notice that you are running Links2Sd. I don't know which ROM that you are running, but a better alternative is A2Sd( Darktremors). I've also heard good things about S2E for the Cyanogenmod ROM only. I would also install Hroark's version of Clockwork mod. It is truely a lifesaver for your phone just in case something goes wrong.
    As far as the live wallpapers go, just do away with them unless you absolutely want them. All they do is use valuable memory, and drain the battery....
  3. wyelkins

    wyelkins Android Expert

    Thanks, for some good app tips from that. I did have to move the 3d weather to internal memory to get it to work. The dev replied very quickly and told me to do that. It actually covered that in the installation notes but I missed it.

    Works great. Smaller than beautiful widgets and free.

    I agree to use A2SD. Works great. I am currently using S2E with cyanogen mod
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    im running ctmod2.3 and couldnt get dta2sd to work...link2sd was easy to set up and use
  5. Vexen

    Vexen Member

    I've had android phones before but never really messed with them too much other than themes and such. I just got my boost prevail the other day and the first day i had it i was changing the home launcher and texting apps even my contacts. Im using go launcher ex and go sms pro and go contacts or whaever its called.

    downloaded pocket empires and angry birds for games and a few themes like skyrim theme for go launcher. all before i found out about rooting. I was using easytether pro but for some reason the internet side kept disconnecting and wouldn't load any pages.

    I worked the other night for hours trying to root my phone, then finally today for some reason i got it to work and downloaded barnacle wireless tethering and another wireless tethering app and they both work great. But other than all that i dunno what else to do other than backing everything up, guess i need to get a larger sd card im only using a 4gig.

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