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youtube account error

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by flippy1974, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. flippy1974

    flippy1974 Member
    Thread Starter

    I get a sign in error everytime i log in to my youtube. Youtube logs in just fine and let's me into my accout but the phone keeps sending me a error message and wants me to log in but wont take my password. Why?

  2. decks19

    decks19 Newbie

    yeah im having the same issue.:thinking:
  3. &roid

    &roid Well-Known Member

    I had been having trouble needing to sign into my facebook mobile account every time I went to that page, then I was visiting another page and was notified that I had to accept cookies in order to enter the site, so I checked in the browser settings and the cookies had been turned off. I never changed that setting, but it was off which is weird....... Anyway, check you browser settings to make sure everything is how it should be. My fb works fine now.
  4. BigBruDa3rd

    BigBruDa3rd Well-Known Member

    Gotta sign in under your gmail account. Don't use ur youtube sign in use ur gmail sign in. I had the same problem and that solved it. Like loginname@gmail.com then ur gmail password in the youtube sign in spaces.

    Don't foget to hit the thanks button if I was any help!
  5. BigBruDa3rd

    BigBruDa3rd Well-Known Member

    Sorry duplicate post.
  6. BigBruDa3rd

    BigBruDa3rd Well-Known Member

  7. Stealthman

    Stealthman Android Enthusiast

    I've had the same issue since day 1. My gmail account is not linked to my youtube account, what should I do? How do I link them?
  8. BigBruDa3rd

    BigBruDa3rd Well-Known Member

    Did u try ur gmail sign in? If it doesn't work then I think when I signed out of my youtube account and then signed back in from my computer it asked me if I wanted to link them together. Don't remember but I think that's what happened. What I did was use my signin@gmail.com as my log in and my gmail password as my password.

    Now if I used my youtube sign in and password it would let me use my account but. I would get the verify the word box and then the password box and it would just continue the cycle.

    And I would continue to get the error and cycle would begin again.
    You have to use ur whole gmail address and gmail password for it to work. If that doesn't work then I don't know 611 maybe.
  9. flippy1974

    flippy1974 Member
    Thread Starter

    cookies are on.

    Tried signing in on gmail account and ut wont take it at all.
  10. ThyDroidX

    ThyDroidX Lurker

    Yeah I'm having the same issue also , let me know if you figure it out :)
  11. Schpeyeder

    Schpeyeder Lurker

    I too ran into this problem. Tried logging in to YouTube from my Android, hoping this would link the accounts, but it doesn't. You need to go to:

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    On your PC, login with your Gmail address (username@gmail.com). After that is complete, you will be taken to a page that prompts you create an account. On the left, it will read:

    "No, Sign me up for YouTube" and a button that reads: "Make me a new account". Click that button and create a new account with YouTube, using your Gmail login.

    Alternatively, if you already have a YouTube account, you can link it to your Gmail login by logging into YouTube, then following the "Update your YouTube account by linking to a Google Account". This is an option under your account settings.

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