Youtube app won't play HD


I have an HTC One S which came with the official Youtube app pre-installed. My phone is updated to the latest version of Android and the Youtube app is also updated to the latest version.

When I go to a video in the Youtube app (or on Chrome, Opera, or the default browser) the only quality options I get are HQ or non-HQ - HD options e.g. 720p are not available. In settings on the app I can select 'always play in HQ' and in my browser I can select 'always play in the highest quality available'. Neither of these options make any difference.

This occurs on videos that I know have HD quality available. Please see the screenshots below.

On my phone (only HQ available, notice poor quality image):


On my PC with small player size (HD, 1080p):


On my PC with large player size (HD, 1080p):


How can I fix this? Any help is much appreciated!


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I'm only seeing one screen shot, so it is probably blocked by my firewall. I'll check back later this evening when I get home to see if I can help.


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I know the official youtube app will only allow HD over wifi. Theres a mod around that allows it over 3g/4g :thumbup: