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YouTube HD from the EVO :D

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pardonmyfreedom, May 21, 2010.

  1. pardonmyfreedom

    Thread Starter

    The EVO ROM was just leaked:

    Shipping HTC EVO 4G ROM released into the wild -- Engadget

    So, I downloaded the ROM, extracted it and pulled out the YouTube.apk. Installed it on my Incredible and now I have the HD icon in the bottom right corner :D It looks awesome. Works over WiFi and haven't tried 3G yet, I get crappy signal at home.

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  2. mobilehavoc

    mobilehavoc Well-Known Member

    Post the .apk
  3. Stook03

    Stook03 Lurker

    Seriously, how about a link ;)
  4. pardonmyfreedom

    Thread Starter

    It's posted now. Had to switch computers. :D
  5. birthofahero

    birthofahero Android Enthusiast

    Is this a different version of youtube?
  6. Ruben

    Ruben Android Expert

    Thanks. How did you get into it? I might be having trouble because I am on a mac. .exe is a no go.
  7. chris61292

    chris61292 Well-Known Member

    apps seems a bit sluggish but idk maybe i need to reboot or somethin. anyways its an HQ icon not hd. app's homescreen now has recommended videos
  8. pardonmyfreedom

    Thread Starter

    From what I can tell, it's the exact same app except for the fact that it streams in HQ by default, over WiFi at least.
  9. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    Good enough for me! I wanted an update like that.

    Comments on that site are hilarious btw.
  10. Ruben

    Ruben Android Expert

    So how do you look inside the folders, etc.?
  11. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow!

    Its BIZARRE to me that 35 people have downloaded this apk and only one other person has thanked the OP for it......
    odiej34 and pardonmyfreedom like this.
  12. pkmn760

    pkmn760 Well-Known Member

    ty trying now!

    EDIT: replaces existing youtube (although i never opened it) this one looks good to me

    HTCLUVR Well-Known Member

    So when you all installed this did you chose update? I did and it worked flawlessly. Even the widget after a restart.
  14. howarmat

    howarmat Android Expert

    hmm i cant seem to get it to open
  15. howarmat

    howarmat Android Expert

  16. Ruben

    Ruben Android Expert

    Trying to extract it...argh
  17. Le0_Br4zUc4

    Le0_Br4zUc4 Android Enthusiast

    Do u download this from the phone? I get a msg saying no app in this file! I would like to have it on mu inc
  18. brettlewis

    brettlewis Android Expert

    pardonmyfreedom: this may be a long shot, but can the camera and video recording app be pulled to try to get 720p recording?
  19. x0x

    x0x Android Enthusiast

    I'm wondering this too. I was able to extract the ROM .exe file using uniextract, but can't seem to get the .cab files to extract. Probably the wrong forum, but does anyone know?
  20. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

    Hey...can you extract the WiFi tethering app? I know everyone is saying it will probably require root...but it couldn't hurt to try it on the incredible could it :)
  21. Ohitsjustrob

    Ohitsjustrob Lurker

    AWESOME! Thanks for doing it. It works perfect on the Moment!
  22. pardonmyfreedom

    Thread Starter

    I extracted the system.img file using an open-source utility that Google wrote. It's called unyaffs. There's a Windows binary floating around. I did a search for unyaffs.exe and found a download link. Ran it in the command line: unyaffs system.img and it extracted to the current folder.

    As far as other apps, I tried quite a few including Camera, Qik, NewsReader and the WiFi Tethering. All of them failed when I tried to install, however.

    Thanks for lookin' out GmB. :D
  23. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

    Thanks for giving it a shot and for the YouTube apk!
  24. gavin77

    gavin77 Well-Known Member

    So instead of manually choosing HQ on the Incredible, this one just automatically does it?
  25. nightfishing

    nightfishing Android Enthusiast

    it has the OPTION to default to HQ.

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