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Youtube issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by engine, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. engine

    engine Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've spent several hours and visited two sprint stores trying to get this resolved:

    I use the youtube app and it says, "Sorry this video cannot be played" and the, "There was a problem when playing" I've done the hard reset and been through other procedures. It's not an issue with the video not being allowed on mobile syndication. The tech support guys told me to go into sprint because it sounded like a hardware issue and one store said it's an issue specific to the evo 4g. I went to another store and their 4g worked just fine but then I showed them mine and they say it's a issue with HTC Evo's firmware (one that they have know about for a while...)

    I won't go into all the details about being jerked around and dealing with the techs but a sample was, "Well you know it won't take long to fix because android is google" What do either of those matter if it's HTC's firmware that's the issue?!? The store rep also told me I couldn't get a replacement phone because I ordered mine through radio shack (meanwhile the sprint tech I talked to on the helpline said I could get the replacement through a store.....)

    I'd love to know what the real deal is and how to get this taken care of (this phone is four days old.....)

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  2. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    this sounds like an earlier issue with the Hero... if i remember correctly it was ... old Android combined with an old browser support.

    so.. it does sound like you have a bad software setup...

    the tech in the stores are wrong.. they have to help you.. it dont matter where you got the SPRINT phone!

    have you tried a full hardware reset? it will reset your phone back to a clean setup... and you will loose are your data and apps (not the data you put on your SDcard).
  3. fixmyevo

    fixmyevo Lurker

    It seems to be a prob with that little update that adds swipe and blockbuster. I had mine for 2 weeks and worked flawlessly on even 3g. As soon as i updated it the YouTube was finished after that. I get all those error msgs. Only sometimes on 4g ill get it to play fine. I'm ready to take it back to bestbuy and see if they can give me a new one and I just won't update it
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    I know this is a rather mundane thing to ask, but have you, or the techs you were dealing with, tried going into the YouTube app in the application manager and clearing all data and cache (and defaults, if available), then rebooting?

    The old "menu > settings > applications > manage applications > menu > sort by "all" > YouTube > clear data/cache buttons then reboot" routine is always worth a try.
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  5. DrCaleb

    DrCaleb Newbie

    I just read this post and tried the youtube app and it works fine. Have you tried using the app on wifi?
    Just a thought hope that this helps. Please post some more specifics about the version of both the hardware and software.
    Also as mentioned above Sprint has to take care of their customer after all you pay for the monthly service.
    Just my two cents.
  6. buMitch333

    buMitch333 Member

    I'm having the same difficulties with my YouTube app as well every video seems to come up as unable to play or touch to retry

    Edit: on full 3g coverage
  7. xxINFIDELxx

    xxINFIDELxx Well-Known Member

    Same issue here. This and currently a lot of apps "install unsuccessful" even when trying to update.
  8. fixmyevo

    fixmyevo Lurker

    The app works sometimes on WiFi. The next day after the update it was shot. I don't know the specifics about the hardware and software. But also I'm not paying for fone service to only be able to use YouTube on WiFi. My piece of shit MOTO cliq from t-mobile played hq videos 90% of the time on a 3g connection. And it almost always played in normal quality.

    On a side note I downloaded the YouTube app from the market and it plays a little better now but nothing like before. I need this crap fixed. This is annoying
  9. notdel

    notdel Newbie

    Ive had my replacement phone for about two weeks, and youtube will not play videos either nor any video on phone, not even on rockplayer lite. I get an error something like:

    The file cannot be played on system player.
  10. Dariusx

    Dariusx Newbie

    I also have problems with the You Tube app. I have cleared the cache. I am not rooted. I find it strange that when going to the video url I am given a choice of You Tube or Internet browser to video if I choose INternet, the video plays flawlessly. I can't seem to get the video to full screen when using that method as with the youtube app.

    When using the app have to try maybe three of four times and then it mahy play or if it does it might buffer in the middle and ecentually I get the video cannot be displayed message.
  11. Dariusx

    Dariusx Newbie

    I followed the advice in another post and updated the You Tube app and now there is no problem. I did not know this app had to be manually updated. Never the less updated and it now plays the exact videos I was having problems with. The updated version is 2.1.6.
  12. SBT

    SBT Newbie

    i updated mine to 2.1.6 tonight and am still having problems with the app itself! :(

    finally after pulling the battery though and clearing everything i can at least get it to work in the browser. well for the time being...
  13. mike904

    mike904 Lurker

    The issue we are having (we are a sprint store) seems to be playing videos linked from other sites, ie facebook. The player itself seems to work when browsing through the app, however, there are instances when the customer is trying to play a video posted to facebook and getting this error. at my store we are stuck as to what to do.

    Samsung Transform and HTC Hero are the phones i am currently troubleshooting, all newest version of software, but i dont see an update for youtube as its not listed in market (on my hero)
  14. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    The problem with this error is that there are multiple causes.

    Most of the time it is a network quality issue. Please note...Not signal. 3g towers are down everywhere. One will get full signal as voice is still up and running. From what it seems so much of sprints efforts have been focused on 4g that 3g is suffering. There are 5 towers out near my office. In these cases speedtests will clearly show the issue, videos will also play fine on wifi and 4g.
    Solution of sorts....call sprint and make them aware of the tower issues.

    In more rare cases the issue is the proxy settings in the epst darmta menu. Removing those seems to fix it.

    And there is the youtube app itself...as mentioned clear cache and data for youtube and check the market for updates.

    Another workaround is to look into 3rd party video player apps. For whatever reason installing one of a few choices there usually fixes it.
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