Root Youtube problems (on 2.1 with custom roms)


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Youtubes been working so fine and dandy since my new mods up until now. It force closes on every video, could it just be a small problem? Or am i gonna need to reflash or anything?


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Well he is using 2.1 so i dont think its even possible. But seriously dude its time to upgrade its worth you will go up like 3 mflops that will refresh everything and prolly fix the problem.


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I cant get tridents guide to when it becomes more simple i cant wait to upgrade to 2.2...i use tubemate and it lets me download the youtube vids to watch lol so that will work for now i guess...


If you're using the 2.2 Youtube app on 2.1, you can delete the file: /data/data/

You will need a root file explorer or if you're feeling savvy, you can do it through the terminal (with su permission).

Just don't log in to your account again... that's the cause of the problem.