YouTube showing up in Battery Usage

Zach Bas

So I just recently upgraded to the Droid DNA.

I've noticed that in the Battery Usage list, YouTube is one of the main hogs. I'm sitting at 70% right now, and it says Android System has taken 18% and YouTube is second with 15%. However, I haven't even opened YouTube today.

I never had this issue with my Droid Bionic, so is it the app that is causing the problem or just misrepresentation by the battery tracker?

Thanks in advance,

Zach Bas

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I do not.
Also, Zedge has suddenly shown up as a top battery user, even though I haven't used it at all and I don't use ringtones from it either.
Is it possible that the icons for YouTube and Zedge would actually represent other apps?


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If another app "borrowed" a process from those apps then i think(?) that would explain it but i cant think of any reason for another app to be using zedge or youtube :thinking: