Hello I recently purchased a DROID Incredible. Everything was working fine blah blah blah. Then I tried to play a video on youtube. Every video I go to play just freezes in the loading screen or when i click the video. It eventually force quits or goes back to home page

I really would like to look at youtube videos on my phone but now i cant...


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About the videos, I don't get it, either. It's something to do with video codecs, and the formats that they're stored in. I read somewhere that YouTube is re-encoding all their videos in a format that's supposed to be Android-compatibe ... but they do have a lot of videos, so odds are slim that what WE want to see has been handled.

It'll sort itself out sooner or later, just don't hold your breath waiting for it. :eek:

(BTW, just in case your 2nd post was intended to improve visibility - it's likely having the opposite effect. There's a function to search for threads that don't have any responses yet, and double-posting effectively causes that search to miss your thread. Now you now. ;))


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Im also wondering ive been having a problem with ALOT of videos i try to watch even not youtube. Is that the same problem as youtube?


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You mean, watch on the phone? If so, then yes that's probably codec related. I can't say much more than that because I really am no expert on these matters. :eek:


The phone comes with Flash LITE, not full flash, so not all flash videos will play on it. Personally, I would say about 60% of the content I try is accessible. As far as the youtube issue, I have never run into it (and I use youtube a lot) My guess is that it is a network issue, or a bug with the phone you got. Call VZW and see what they say.

I got an android tablet pc today and i cannot view videos on the youtube app and also can't find skyfire in the app store.
can anybody help please?