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Yume spy alert !

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LateNiteMike, May 17, 2012.

  1. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Please, I need help. I found a file similar to this the other day on my Prime...and I deleted it, Just now I found this new one with the same ID. I'm not a programer...so I need someone to tell me what this sdk file is all about. Are they Spying ??? Is it one of those spybots I've heard about? Whatever it is I want it off of my tablet and I want to prevent it from reattaching itself to my device. I also think the android community needs to be made aware of this. I've copied and pasted the file and the only thing I edited was the domain in which I replaced the eleven letters with eleven X's.
    Also in the original format each line starts with a specific time such as 09:59:36:498 PM.

    Please tell me what I've found on my device and how best to deal with ridding myself of it once and for all. Thx.

    09:59:36:489 PM: (I): YuMe SDK Instantiated successfully. 09:59:36:496 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_Init(): Invoked. 09:59:36:497 PM: (I): YuMe SDK Version: 09:59:36:498 PM: (I): AD PARAMS SET BY APPLICATION: 09:59:36:499 PM: (I): adDomainUrl: http://plg4.yumenetworks.com/09:59:36:499 PM: (I): domainId: 679kOxNxHxT 09:59:36:500 PM: (I): qsParams: iabcat=News&iabsubcat=InternationalNews 09:59:36:500 PM: (I): adTimeout: 8 09:59:36:503 PM: (I): videoTimeout: 8 09:59:36:505 PM: (I): bSupportMP4: false 09:59:36:506 PM: (I): bSupport3GPP: false 09:59:36:512 PM: (I): bSupportHighBitRate: false 09:59:36:513 PM: (I): bSupportAutoNetworkDetect: true 09:59:36:514 PM: (I): bEnableCaching: true 09:59:36:515 PM: (I): bEnableAutoPrefetch: true 09:59:36:516 PM: (I): storageSize: 10.0 09:59:36:517 PM: (I): bEnableCBToggle: true 09:59:36:789 PM: (I): Current Display Orientation: PORTRAIT 09:59:36:790 PM: (I): Device Resolution: Width: 1280, Height: 752 09:59:36:791 PM: (I): Device is identified as an Android TABLET. 09:59:36:804 PM: (I): Cookies loaded from Persistent Storage. 09:59:36:806 PM: (I): SDK Modules Created. 09:59:36:807 PM: (I): Permission GRANTED for reading Phone State. 09:59:36:834 PM: (I): Permission DENIED for accessing Location Info. 09:59:36:838 PM: (I): WiFi Connectivity available. 09:59:36:851 PM: (I): Orientation Listener Set Successfully. 09:59:36:852 PM: (I): External Storage is Accessible. 09:59:36:854 PM: (I): Files Directory Path (External Storage): /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.mobilesrepublic.appytablet/files 09:59:36:854 PM: (I): yume_android_sdk directory already exists. 09:59:36:855 PM: (I): downloading_assets directory already exists. 09:59:36:856 PM: (I): downloaded_assets directory already exists. 09:59:36:856 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_Init(): Successful. 09:59:36:857 PM: (I): ********** YuMeSDK_InitAd(): Invoked with AdBlock: YUME_ADBLOCKTYPE_PREROLL ********** 09:59:36:857 PM: (I): framePlaylistRequest - Start. 09:59:36:858 PM: (I): PF Playlist Url: http://plg4.yumenetworks.com/dynamic_preroll_playlist.xml 09:59:36:861 PM: (I): WiFi Connectivity available. 09:59:36:870 PM: (I): Playlist Request Body: {"demography":{"gender":"","keywords":[],"education":"","interests": [],"income":"","age":""},"connection":{"type":"WiFi","bandwidth":"","service_provider":""},"others": {"iabcat":"News","iabsubcat":"InternationalNews"},"player":{"height":"0","width":"0","version":""},"playlist_version":"v2","yume_sdk": {"exclude_placements":[],"pre_fetch":"true","ad_guid":[],"version":""},"publisher_channel":"","publisher_page":"","content": {"tags":[],"guid":"","categories":[],"duration":"","title":""},"referrer":"","geography": {"ip_address":"","postal_code":"","state":"","gyroscope":"portrait","longitude":"","latitude":"","city":"","country":""},"device": {"os":"Android","storage_quota_in_mb":"10.0","model":"Transformer Prime TF201","height":"752","width":"1280","hardware_version":"","uuid":"","make":"asus","os_version":"4.0.3"},"domain":"XXXXXXXXXXX","imu":[]} 09:59:36:871 PM: (I): framePlaylistRequest - End. 09:59:36:872 PM: (I): No Downloads to be Aborted. 09:59:36:874 PM: (I): YuMeSDK_InitAd(): Successful. 09:59:37:555 PM: (I): ORIENTATION Changed to PORTRAIT. 09:59:37:941 PM: (I): PF Playlist Fetched. 09:59:37:954 PM: (E): Empty PF Playlist received. 09:59:37:955 PM: (I): Current Playlist State: YUME_PFPLAYLISTSTATE_PLAYLISTREADY 09:59:37:955 PM: (I): Starting Prefetch Request Callback Timer: Interval (secs): 900 09:59:37:956 PM: (I): Notifying Ad Event(YUME_ADBLOCKTYPE_PREROLL): adEvent: YUME_ADEVENT_ADNOTREADY

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  2. Ramzes13

    Ramzes13 Android Enthusiast

    I googled Yume Networks, it looks like it is a video advertising company. what it looks like you found is some kind of tracking cookie? It is most likely anonymously reporting what type of device you are using so it can send you properly formatted advertisements.

    I am open to being corrected so if i am wrong, please fire away i would like to know more too.
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  3. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok, well we're off to a good start. At least someone has been able to track this sucker down and perhaps determine what it's about. A thanks has already been sent.

    What concerns me the most is trying to find out HOW they got access to my device and how they managed to load a SPY file in my system.

    What I'm hoping for is to get a tip on what type of app would provide for this kind of spying and what method should be used to track it down and DELETE it.

    I'm getting pretty torqued about the ongoing trend of this invasion of privacy thing in the industry. I don't want to be 'tracked' or spied upon or monitored or anything else in order to boost some company's profit margin.
    These types of files that manage to embed themselves in your device and perform that function...need to be 'outed' so that they can be 'dealt with'. That's what I've tried to do with this posting as a service to the Android community at large.
    If you can help me 'deal' with this issue and we can find a way to stop this sort of thing, then it will be a benefit to all.

    In the meanwhile, I'm going to delete the file AGAIN and watch closely to see if it reappears. Thanks again for any and all help regarding this SPYING file issue.
  4. Nelviticus

    Nelviticus Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's spyware, it's probably just a service used by an ad-supported app - if it was spyware they wouldn't put their web address in the log file. Have you installed any free apps recently, anything that has in-app advertising?
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  5. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, that's good to know. Thanks. Glad to know it's 'benign'. ;) I deleted the file a few days ago and I just checked and it hasn't reappeared (as yet) but I'll be keeping a close eye on the situation. Yes, I have many ad supported apps, so I think it would be difficult to track down the one(s) that is the culprit.
  6. critcher

    critcher Member

    addon detector in the market might help you. It helped me identify where some strange notifications were coming from a while back.
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  7. Jenniferlg

    Jenniferlg Newbie


    Lookout, a well known free anti-virus program (with paid upgrades) for both phones & tablets, has another app, free, called, shockingly enough, "Ad Network Detector". I installed that when certain games installed the right to post things in my notification bar. It's a wonderful, free program that does exactly what it says it does.

    It very quickly scanned my Prime (& Atrix), detailed what apps it found doing what, such as putting ads in notification bar, gathering personal data, gathering location data, etc.; each a category you can expand upon. My aggressor was Leadbolt apps, but, interesting enough, the Lookout app told me it had an opt-out program and, trusting Lookout from the years I've had it on my phones, I followed that option to a website & even installed something from Leadbolt especially for Android that did the trick & I haven't had one of those annoying things since.

    The rest doesn't bother me, I've given up on much privacy. I figure for one thing, unless I know a hellova lot more than I do now it's a waste of time to a large extent. Second thing, I hope for anonymity in the averaging of the human experiences. Optimistic, I realise, but while I, of course, have things I'd prefer to feel were private, I think in looking at the human experience as a whole my secrets or trails don't quite make it to setting off major alarms with the powers that be & if my reality helps to show what real people are like, then fine, take it!

    Ha, ha, I'll get off my soapbox for now, but I just wanted to recommend the Ad Network Detector by Lookout!

    Take care,
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  8. Jenniferlg

    Jenniferlg Newbie

    Sorry for the duplication, blame ICS+ Browser! :~/

    Oh, and was typing when Critcher posted - thanks for saying what I blathered on about in 2 sentences! :p
  9. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    YES ! That's exactly what I needed ! Thank you (and critcher) for that great advice.
    Just before I went to the Playstore to look for the app, I checked in my File Manager and found that Yume sdk file had reinstalled itself on my device again! I deleted it...again and then went and downloaded the Ad Network Detector app and ran it. You're absolutely correct,...the app searched out and displayed specific information on the names of the groups that provide the ad services, the amount of apps using those services, the NAMES of the apps using those services, and how they go about collecting data....and it's displayed in a very easy to read and easily understood way. Very nice !
    Now I can understand why you were up on your soapbox and touting the benefits and advantages of this great app. I agree ! :thumbup:
  10. MtnbikerChk

    MtnbikerChk Android Enthusiast

    I just installed and ran this from your recommendations. I was pleasantly surprised to not find many alerts!

    THanks again!
  11. Jenniferlg

    Jenniferlg Newbie

    You're very welcome, LateNiteMike & MtnbikerChk. :~) Glad to help. I like to have problems solved by apps & if I find one that works well I'm practically obligated to recommend it. My life is happily filled with Android. :~D

    Thank you for taking the time to post.
    Take care,
  12. Taz98

    Taz98 Newbie

    All-in-One Toolbox
    A grate free app and that controls many things, if you go to download something it'll tell you everything the app has access to. Example: Skype needs access to your camera. So when you hit download in the Play Store you will get a popup notifying you and ask you for your verification

    lookout Mobile update
    Lookout Mobile released a updated version recently that is awesome. The old version would take your picture and send a GPS location if you type in the wrong unlock 4 times. This new version will take a picture if you turn off the phone, remove the SD card, turn on airplane mode, turn off, mobile data and it still has this signal flare in case your battery is low it'll send GPS location before it dies. it's also a antivirus and scanner. it's about time somebody stepped up and created a app to do all this.

    on another note I have a LG motion MS 770 (Rooted) I recently switch to a new phone and I no longer pay for service on the motion.I won't to make and receive phone calls and text with Google Voice over WiFi.when I try to make a call it says contact your service provider. if anybody has any advice please drop me a line


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