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Z Ultra available on Negri

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Atma, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Negri Electronics has it on sale now for $800. :eek:

    Search results for: 'Xperia Z Ultra'

    It looks like the LTE version is pre-order though. :(

    If I knew for sure this would work on T-Mobile's LTE I would be most tempted. But $839 :eek: It looks like it has all the frequencies covered though.

  2. Andrewtst

    Andrewtst Android Enthusiast

    I think LTE only out middle or end of September.

    Price $800 quite high, I buy mine (HSPA+ edition) at Malaysia RM 2,299 = USD $ 710.60
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  3. JunBringer

    JunBringer Android Expert

    Bought mine and it's getting delivered tomorrow. Would have had it today but I had it shipped to my parents address by mistake. Can't wait to play with it!
  4. jslim71

    jslim71 Lurker

    The sony xperia z ultra will run on t-mobile LTE network. It is confirmed because tmo uses band 4 and t-mobile's new merger with metro pcs the sony xperia z ultra c6833 LTE has been officially confirmed it will run on both networks with no problems and that's full LTE I know because my z ultra is on it as I'm typing this message.

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