Z3v Update

I got the Z3v Monday. Updated from my S5.

I like the design of the Z3v, but it is a tad bulky in the case. I bought the black incipeo one from Verizon.

The phone charges wirelessly with the case on the phone. It really is convenient especially not having to open the flaps over and over.
Battery life yesterday seemed to be good.

I do miss being rooted. AdAway spoiled me, along with all the exposed modules, hopefully this Z3v will get root sometime.


Congrats! The Z3v is a great device. I've had mine since Friday. I'm getting between 8.5 to 9.5 hours of screen time with a full charge. Right now I'm going naked without a case - I really like the design. I'm going to get a TPU case for it eventually as I will need a case from time to time. I'm disappointed that it hasn't gotten more attention, it is such a solid device.