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ZAGG Memorial Day Sale 50%

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by roninld, May 28, 2010.

  1. roninld

    roninld Member
    Thread Starter

    Just received an email on this.

    ZAGG | 50% OFF Site Wide Memorial Day Sale - ZAGG.com
    The Memorial Day sale begins Sunday 10:00 PM MST (GMT -6:00) and ends Tuesday at 2:00 AM MST (GMT -6:00). Customers will receive 50% off their total purchase excluding shipping. Discount is applied after the product is added to the shopping cart. Product pages do not reflect the sale price. Free shipping applies to orders $29.98 or more after the 50% discount is applied and is available to the lower 48 U.S. shipping addresses only.

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  2. Ryd1ZZ

    Ryd1ZZ Member

    I just got the email and was going to post this but decided to search first. Good work! I have one of the invisible shields for my ipod touch and it's awesome! I'll be picking up the front protector for my just ordered DI. Can't see the need for a full skin since the back is rubberized i think.
  3. roninld

    roninld Member
    Thread Starter

    Haha ... I searched before posting as well. I like how it searches for you when you try and create a post.

    One thing I find with the ZAGG Shield is that glare is reduced a lot and it actually makes the phone usable outside. I live in the Palm Springs area and am able to walk around with it. Probably works with any protector.

    Looks like triple digit weather here next week!
  4. Ebaneezor

    Ebaneezor Well-Known Member

    got mine! screen protector and leather back :)
  5. daftlush

    daftlush Newbie

    Anyone try their twin usb car charger? I already have two usb car charger adapters that don't seem to work right even thought they output 5v. HTC's site states that their car-charger adapter pumps out 5v. Yet, they don't charge properly and i get a message about unauthorized charger... danger... danger. I guess there needs to be some chip or some better quality circuitry. Anyone know if Zagg's is high quality/power? (powerful enough to charge newer power hungry devises like iPad, Droid, Inc)

    NO mention of Zagg at http://androidforums.com/tips-tricks-incredible/78806-please-list-working-options-charging-accessories.html
  6. frankie8404

    frankie8404 Lurker

    Military gotta have a holster! Need something durable like I had a Otterbox with my Curve and it was unbeatable! They state on the website that it's coming out soon, but what does that mean. I waited 27 days just to gte my incredible! Otterbox is the best unbreakable case kown. Is there anything close? Help!:thinking:

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