Zagg screen: Improves outdoors/sunlight?


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I've had Zagg protective screens in past, and i don't remember them actually improving the ability to see the screen in sunlight/outdoors.

Zagg has said their screen, whether its' new/improved or not, i'm not sure, performs this feature..

Anyone have experience with their claim?



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The orange peel effect is supposed to break up glare and make the screen more visible in sunlight. Maybe it does work, I have an invisible shield on mine and where a lot of people seem to be having trouble reading the screen in sunlight, I'm having no such problems


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I've used the new HD version on my S3. I don't think the film itself improves viability but it seems like oil from your fingers does not show up as much and I think the oil itself hurts visibility in sun light. I screwed up my application of the film so I an getting a replacement. The HD is very clear and smooth so you can't really tell it's on the glass.