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Zeam Launcher: ZEAM: An Oasis for Older Android Devices

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Luke31, Jun 20, 2010.

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    There are , of course, multiple applications in the Android Market dedicated to the alteration and modification of the home screen. The complaints, however, are normally ubiquitous and identical. Oftentimes these applications drastically devour the battery life. Some slow down our devices to a crawling and unbearable pace. So, what differentiates Zeam from the rest of the pack?

    Perhaps most astonishing is the speed and efficiency. I currently use the Motorola Backflip, admittedly not the most superior or adroit of Android devices. I did not expect, however, that this application would perform so blazingly fast. As a matter of fact, Zeam makes scrolling through widgets and applications faster than the stock Motoblur theme. Going from one home screen to another is seamless. This is, as a matter of fact, the quintessential application for older Android devices such as the G1 or the Cliq. Perhaps due to personal preference, I believe that the look of Zeam renders the Motoblur overlay ugly and archaic.

    As if the speed and efficiency wasn't enough, Zeam provides some added functionality to devices not blessed with the new Sense UI overlay. With a mere double-tap on the home screen, the user is presented with a preview of all of the home screens on the device (Similar to Expose in OS X, or the new Sense UI feature which pans out all the home screens). With a simple and quick tap, the user is able to quickly go to the desired home screen. Rather than scrolling past a sea of widgets, you are able to shoot to the desired screen with ease. In addition to this added feature, Zeam lets the user have up to NINE home screens, leaving plenty of room for widgets and application shortcuts. Finally, Zeam contains an "Application Shelf" right next to the app drawer. In essence, the user is able to drag certain vital applications to this shelf (such as the browser, email, and calendar apps) and use them regardless of which Home Screen is in use. I have always been annoyed by the fact that, in order to access the browser, I need to scroll through all of my home screens or applications to reach the desired destination. With Zeam, you are able to access the essential apps at any time. The added features, therefore, greatly facilitate the use of virtually any Android device.

    Perhaps the most under-looked and underestimated feature of Zeam is the developer support. The developer evidently takes time to scroll through the plethora of comments left behind by Zeam users on the Android Market. This is evidenced by the fact that there is an update to Zeam virtually every week, normally small bug fixes and optimizations that fine tune the application's performance. If the developer poses a drastic and unpopular change to the application, it is almost instantly reverted to its previous functionality in a quick update. The response time is remarkable.

    Alas, no application can be perfect. Although Zeam, at least for myself, has been remarkable, there are some gripes. First and foremost, Zeam may be efficient, but it cannot entirely avoid the other plague that strikes all similar applications: the noticeable loss in battery life. Although the loss is not as drastic as say Panda Home etc, it is quite noticeable and bothersome. The second largest complaint is the lack of themes. Although personal preference dictates that I like the standard theme, it cannot be changed or drastically modified. This may be a nuisance to some users.

    All in all, I sincerely believe that the positives outweigh the negatives. If you have an older device or just looking for a functional change, I highly recommend Zeam.


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